Food Safety a growing concern in China

From Mark McDonald in the New York Times:

“HONG KONG — There’s mercury in the baby formula. Cabbages are sprayed with formaldehyde. Gelatin capsules for pills, tens of millions of them, are laced with chromium. Used cooking oil is scooped out of gutters for recycling, right along with the sewage.

Accounts of dubious or unsafe food in China are as mesmerizing as they are disturbing — “artificial green peas,” grilled kebabs made from cat meat, contaminated chives, chlorine showing up in soft drinks.

There have been stories of imitation soy sauce made from hair clippings, ink and paraffin being used to dress up cheap noodles, and pork buns so loaded with bacteria that they glow in the dark.

A new investigation by the Chinese magazine Caixin has found that “these publicized food safety scandals represent only a fraction of unsafe food production practices. Hundreds of chemical food additives are pumped into products that Chinese people consume every day.”

The official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported Wednesday that Chinese authorities have discovered 15,000 cases of substandard food so far this year while shutting down 5,700 unlicensed food businesses….”

Read it all in the New York Times. Kind of makes you wonder what the Chinese media would write about the standards of food safety in America.


From Barbara Demick, in the Los Angeles Times:

“In China, what you eat tells who you are

In a nation reeling from tainted-food scandals, organic products are mostly reserved for the rich and political elite. Chinese government officials have exclusive suppliers, who do not advertise.

Reporting from Beijing — At a glance, it is clear this is no run-of-the-mill farm: A 6-foot spiked fence hems the meticulously planted vegetables and security guards control a cantilevered gate that glides open only to select cars.

“It is for officials only. They produce organic vegetables, peppers, onions, beans, cauliflowers, but they don’t sell to the public,” said Li Xiuqin, 68, a lifelong Shunyi village resident who lives directly across the street from the farm but has never been inside. “Ordinary people can’t go in there.”

Until May, a sign inside the gate identified the property as the Beijing Customs Administration Vegetable Base and Country Club. The placard was removed after a Chinese reporter sneaked inside and published a story about the farm producing organic food so clean the cucumbers could be eaten directly from the vine.

Elsewhere in the world, this might be something to boast about. Not in China. Organic gardening here is a hush-hush affair in which the cleanest, safest products are largely channeled to the rich and politically connected.

Many of the nation’s best food companies don’t promote or advertise. They don’t want the public to know that their limited supply is sent to Communist Party officials, dining halls reserved for top athletes, foreign diplomats, and others in the elite classes. The general public, meanwhile, dines on foods that are increasingly tainted or less than healthful — meats laced with steroids, fish from ponds spiked with hormones to increase growth, milk containing dangerous additives such as melamine, which allows watered-down milk to pass protein-content tests.

“The officials don’t really care what the common people eat because they and their family are getting a special supply of food,” said Gao Zhiyong, who worked for a state-run food company and wrote a book on the subject.

In China, the tegong, or special supply, is a holdover from the early years of Communist rule, whendanwei, work units of state-owned enterprises, raised their own food and allocated it based on rank. “The leaders wanted to make sure they had enough to eat and that nobody poisoned their food,” said Gao….”

Read it all in the L.A. Times.


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4 responses to “Food Safety a growing concern in China

    • Gordon S Watson

      This report most important for the Campaign for REAL MILK, its explanation of the food supply in Red China gives insights into what’s happening here in Ham-merica. In plain language, and beyond argument, it describes what social-ism looks like when put into practice … their “class-less society” has 25 gradations of rank, within the leadership cadre! George Orwell warned us, describing in “Animal Farm” what the swine do, after they seize power
      At the end is of the article is something worth knowing = it explains part of what Prime Minister Harper is doing, making Canada part of the Trans Pacific Partnership … the Chinese can do a few things well, but not dairying. Canadians are being sold into slavery, as cowboys who’ll work for pittance, exporting the fat of the land, just to pay the interest on Cdn. debt bonds, held by Beijing : “the borrower is the servant of the lender”
      Gordon S Watson
      Justice Critic, Party of Citizens

    • nedlud

      I was to a farm auction recently. The last few years have been so bad for us economically, I haven’t had the time or the money to go to any auctions and haven’t really felt like going (being so depressed and discouraged) either. I used to enjoy them a lot! It is also true there aren’t near as many auctions anymore, because there aren’t many small farmers anymore….ahh, well.

      So this auction was at an 80 acre farm that had once been home to a small hippy commune or ‘family’ at least, during the ’70’s. One of those ‘deals’, back in the day. Back in the ’70’s, I was a kid and I hated school. I decided I wanted to live in a small farming community where people cared about each other and to raise a family and stuff. I really like(d) animals, especially horses and I like(d) being outside a lot and not stuck in some building like a prison. So I read Organic Gardening AND Farming (as it was then called), and I read the famous original Mother Earth News, too. I got married and we gave it a shot. Did our best.

      Well anyway, the dream I had is dead, killed by greed and all the stupid things that drive the modern technology and industry and global government (dis-)ordered world.

      It is pretty much poison city everywhere now. Cars buzzing all around, HUGE tractors and bulldozers roaring, skies filled with airplanes, and d-r-o-n-e-s…..

      Have a great day.

      (I still have to laugh about that “bull in the china shop”, comment that was posted here to me…some bull, some china, I’ll take the bull (my bull) any day. :))


  1. nedlud

    We’re dead but this is something to read and to think about anyway (above link).


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