Vernon Herschberger to face jury trial over raw milk related charges

From the Reedsburg Times-Press:

“BARABOO — The legal arguments of an Amish dairy farmer representing himself in a criminal case miss the mark, according to a Sauk County judge.

“The defendant fails to develop any argument that makes sense,” Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Guy Reynolds stated in a decision filed Friday.

Grazin’ Acres farm owner Vernon Hershberger of Loganville filed a motion to dismiss the case. In the motion, he cited provisions in the federal and state constitutions, as well as biblical verses. Reynolds denied the motion.

Hershberger is charged with the unlicensed operation of a food establishment, unlicensed milk production, unlicensed dairy plant operation and the violation of a hold order placed on his products by state regulators who raided his farm in June 2010.

A three-day jury trial is slated to begin Sept. 25.

In his motion to dismiss, Hershberger said the criminal complaint against him was invalid because the state official who signed the document had not taken an oath of office and was not a “private citizen” who was injured as a result of the alleged crime….”

Read more in the Reedsburg Times-Press.

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One response to “Vernon Herschberger to face jury trial over raw milk related charges

  1. I pray that his peers educate themselves about jury nullification.
    I see this as the 4th branch of government and one of our checks on government tyranny.

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