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Why won’t they respect the science?

David E. Gumpert, who lawyer Bill Marler likes to cast as “the pope of raw milk”, has posted a fascinating think piece on the seeming impossibility of convincing organizational opponents of raw milk of the benefits of said raw milk, through scientific studies. No doubt these opponents feel the same way about us advocates of raw milk. Why don’t we just accept what seems to them like a scientific consensus, that raw milk is just not worth the risk?

“Once upon a time, I naively expected that if there were new credible scientific evidence that raw milk showed health benefits over pasteurized milk, the health and regulatory communities might relax their negative attitudes.

But a couple years ago, when I gave a talk at Rutgers University in New Jersey and expressed my hopes for a meeting of the minds between opponents and proponents of raw dairy, a psychiatrist warned me about holding such expectations. The psychiatrist, Richard Schwartzman, explained the regulatory opposition this way:   Continue reading


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