U.S. drought triggers “cowmageddon”

American farmers who can’t afford to feed their animals because of drought related crop failures, are sending them to the slaughterhouse in record numbers.



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6 responses to “U.S. drought triggers “cowmageddon”

  1. If farmers focus on growing good grass instead of GM corn, would that help? This is an excellent video on the older more natural way to farm: http://youtu.be/ixx1c3RSw_8

  2. thebovine

    It’s tempting to wonder whether deliberate weather modification actions are implicated in this drought, or whether it’s purely a naturally occurring phenomenon.

    • Gordon S Watson

      this one has God’s fingerprints all over it, and it’s going to get a lot worse … the Bible is most instructive, concerning how the witholding of rain is one of the classic ways by which the ultimate Landlord removes tenants who won’t do things the way He commands them

  3. nedlud

    Ol’ Gordon is right about one thing: God is pissed.

    The wrath of God goes a little bit beyond this one mere world, however.

    That should give one pause.

    But the ones who need to give pause the most, give it the least.

    Which is why the wrath of God goes well beyond this one mere world.


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