Michael Schmidt’s court appearance today as part of “the legal phase” of the North American food rights movement

From David E. Gumpert, writing in “The Complete Patient” :

Bigstock photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“The food rights movement is entering a new phase. We might best think of it as the “legal phase.”

All those raids on food clubs and farms (mostly over raw milk distribution) over the last few years–the “crackdown phase”, if you will–are now showing up in court cases that need to be resolved. (Not that the crackdown phase is necessarily over.)

All you have to do to appreciate what is going on is take a look at the new legal calendar on display at the new web site of Farm Food Freedom Coalition.

First on deck is Canadian dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, who goes before an Ontario appeals court tomorrow seeking to have his conviction on 13 counts of violating the province’s dairy law heard on appeal. There is no automatic appeal in Ontario, so Schmidt’s lawyer will be seeking to convince the judges that there is a public interest in hearing the case.

The Bovine has done a nice job of summarizing Schmidt’s arguments, plus it has his legal documents available as well.

Next up, in three weeks is Alvin Schlangen’s first trial, scheduled for August 15 in Minnesota. Later in the month is Michael Hartmann’s trial, also in Minnesota And on it goes.

Some of these dates will change, as cases are delayed, so keep an eye on the calendar. I link to it from the “Links” page listed at the top of the home page, and you can make it a book mark as well.

Because a number of these cases will no doubt be heard by juries, local food rights groups will be organizing “jury nullification” promotion efforts–educating citizens on their right to rule in favor of defendants who may have technically violated unjust laws. …”

More on The Complete Patient blog.


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