Raw milk appeal breaking news in TO

From CP24 news:

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“TORONTO — An Ontario dairy farmer convicted of producing, selling and distributing raw milk has won the right to appeal.

Karen Selick, a lawyer for Michael Schmidt, said the Ontario Court of Appeal granted the leave to appeal Thursday following arguments.

Schmidt was sentenced to one year of probation and fined $9,150 for operating an illegal cow-share business….”

“….Supporters argue that unpasteurized milk has many health benefits and argue that they have the right to decide what they can and should consume.

The appeal will likely be heard within the next six months, Selick said, adding that Schmidt vows to continue on with the legal battle.

“Michael is not just concerned about his own private interests,” said Selick. “He is a big advocate for food freedom.”…”

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Read more: http://www.cp24.com/raw-milk-farmer-allowed-to-appeal-cow-share-business-conviction-1.894492#ixzz21ltUeLz0

Read more: http://www.cp24.com/raw-milk-farmer-allowed-to-appeal-cow-share-business-conviction-1.894492#ixzz21ltMElyf


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5 responses to “Raw milk appeal breaking news in TO

  1. S. Chk

    Is there any petition i can sign to show my support?

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