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Michael Schmidt wins leave to appeal raw milk verdict — media roundup

The Torstar Toronto free newspaper “Metro” ran a variant of the Canadian Press story, along with this great picture from the Toronto Star archives. Click image to go there.

Leading American raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert, contrasts the Michael Schmidt story to the messy aftermath of the Rawsome food club raids in California. Here’s an excerpt from his The Complete Patient blog:

“It is never a simple matter for a defendant who has lost to the government to convince an appeals court to take another look at the case, whether in Canada or the United States. But on Thursday, the lawyer for Canadian dairy farmer Michael Schmidt convinced an appeals court to re-examine his conviction on 13 counts of violating the province’s dairy laws. Continue reading


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Schmidt wins right to appeal — the Star

From Katherine Fernandez-Blance in the Toronto Star:

From the Toronto Star website. Click image above to go there.

“He’s been fighting for his right to distribute unpasteurized milk for almost two decades, but a Thursday court decision leaves Michael Schmidt one step closer to a resolution.

The 58-year-old Durham, Ont. dairy farmer was convicted of 13 offences in 2011 for selling unpasteurized milk — an illegal activity under health regulations. Continue reading

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Another day in court for raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt — Sun News

From the Toronto Sun: 

Click image above to go to Sun News site to watch video

“TORONTO — These hallowed walls of Ontario’s highest court have heard arguments about murders and embezzlements, bitter divorces and ugly assaults.

But the Court of Appeal has never before been asked to rule on the legality of distributing unpasteurized milk. That’s about to change.

It didn’t take long for Justice Eileen Gillese to decide that raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt deserves yet another day in court. After listening to morning arguments, she ruled the dairy farmer, originally acquitted in 2010, should be allowed to appeal his 2011 conviction for selling his controversial product. Continue reading


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