Schmidt wins right to appeal — the Star

From Katherine Fernandez-Blance in the Toronto Star:

From the Toronto Star website. Click image above to go there.

“He’s been fighting for his right to distribute unpasteurized milk for almost two decades, but a Thursday court decision leaves Michael Schmidt one step closer to a resolution.

The 58-year-old Durham, Ont. dairy farmer was convicted of 13 offences in 2011 for selling unpasteurized milk — an illegal activity under health regulations.

At a hearing Thursday in Toronto, Justice Eileen Gillese granted Schmidt the right to bring his case in front of the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The case will be heard by a panel of three judges — something Schmidt thinks will work in his favour.

The judge maintained that the amount Schmidt is fined with — $9,150 — be upheld, pending the decision of the appeals court.

Schmidt continues to refuse to pay the fine and will do just about anything for his cause — he’s gone on a 39-day hunger strike, sat down with Dalton McGuinty and sold all his assets in an attempt to stop the fines against him.

Read more in the Toronto Star.


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