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Drought-stricken Glencolton cows hit the road in search of greener pastures

Drought is not just in America. Grey County, where Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms are located, has also been affected. Michael sends this report and these pictures:

Dairy cows on the march. That’s the famous Glencolton Farms blue bus in the background.

Not in my forty years as a farmer did I experience a drought like we have currently. – Michael Schmidt

All pasture land is brown and yellow. No green grass left except the green trees framing the sections. Continue reading


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Yet another public health danger…

As if dealing with raw milk farmers wasn’t keeping public health officials busy enough, here’s something else people are doing to themselves, as if to drive the nanny state apoplexic. From Butch News Youtube channel, via Facebook:

Can you believe this? People seem to be doing whatever they like with their bodies with no regard for the feelings and interests of the State. Clearly public health has a role here to ensure people’s safety.

“Public health authorities across Canada are struggling to address the growing popularity of body modifications such as splitting one’s tongue like a snake’s and surgically altering ears to make them elf-like and pointy, fearing the spread of infection in an unregulated industry. Continue reading


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