Drought-stricken Glencolton cows hit the road in search of greener pastures

Drought is not just in America. Grey County, where Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms are located, has also been affected. Michael sends this report and these pictures:

Dairy cows on the march. That’s the famous Glencolton Farms blue bus in the background.

Not in my forty years as a farmer did I experience a drought like we have currently. – Michael Schmidt

All pasture land is brown and yellow. No green grass left except the green trees framing the sections.


We harvested less than half of our normal hay crop and already start feeding hay in July.

The despair is visible in every farmers face I meet.  To buy hay is almost impossible and the price if you can find hay has quadrupled.


We cut all our spelt and oats green for hay

For the first time ever we having a daily cattle drive to bring the cows one mile down the road to the empty hayfields  to graze whatever they can find.


Around us the corn and soy fields are failing badly.  There is however no resentment towards anybody because we all are in the same boat.

Bringing the cows a long way to the other farm in the morning and getting them home at night reminds me of the Alps were the cows left the village in the morning for the higher pastures and returned home with the herdsman at night for milking.


There is a beauty in  listening to the cow bells as we stroll down the side road. Oh yes why have cows bells??  —- because their horns don’t works. A favored joke from one of our cow share members daughter.

Back at the barn for milking.

Also see our earlier post on drought in the U.S.



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22 responses to “Drought-stricken Glencolton cows hit the road in search of greener pastures

  1. Hay is $100 a round bale here last I checked. I think Carol Deppe wasspot on in The Resilient Gardener when she says that the past 100 years of stable weather has been an extreme anomaly. We all need to rethink how to grow food in a world that is not going to be like it has been for the past 5 generations.

  2. Gordon S Watson

    all the fresh green barley grass you want, by the ton – from seed to feed in 7 days = see the grow chamber made by Sun Roads Farmory in Montana

  3. D. Smith

    Watch this little 16 minute video. Maybe some of the ideas will work, even in Canada. Even in the area of the country where I live we can maybe only do this for about 6-7 months out of the year, but it’s still better and cheaper than a lot of other ways today.


    I hope you find it inspirational. In order to “get it” you have to watch the whole video, though. Don’t skimp.

    • Beautiful Clouds...

      Well, I watched the 16 minute video. The maker does not do any credit to his subject, by taking so long not even really explain the device, nor did any definite results come about. Plus the horrible background acid rock music! He claims he got rain 2 out or 3 times — however, judging by the clouds it might have rained anyway. It looks like this guy put a lot of effort into getting, well, … nothing.

  4. AJ

    Hello Michael, please read your email.

    Yesterday, I sent you the solution to your drought problem – orgone energy – it is also the solution to chemtrails and the other filth that plagues us. It is so absolutely simple, and the results are amazing! Anyone can do it.

  5. AJ

    Orgone Energy has a long history. It was known to the Hebrew people as Gods Breath.

    I live in Western Canada and it is so wet that the hay is rotting. A walk on the grass is like a walk on a sponge. We are getting big downpours every 2 -3 days, so Ontario needs to wake up to Orgone Energy and put the technology into practice.

    TDP took the information I had sent them, researched it furthur, and conducted an experiment which has had astounding results. They have now done numerous article based on those results. Check it out http://truedemocracyparty.net/

    Michael – Did you get the email with all the information?

    • AJ

      Hello Michael, Nedlud, Watson, Smith, Wrights, or Anyone Else – are you researching into this?

      This technology can only be summed up as the mighty Giant Goliath being taken down by a kid with a stone and a sling shot!!!

      Today, I will be making my own here. Maybe, it will move the rain clouds eastward. We had another downpour yesterday complete with hail and tornado threats. In the past month we have had 5 or 6 actually touch down.

      I am anxious for this whole continent to understand what Orgone Energy can do, and to start putting it to use. It is long overdue!

  6. AJ

    I doubt that a video will post, but, I am going to try:


  7. AJ

    Hello, even though my last two comments are still in moderation. Just thought that I will post what has just happened here. We just received a good 20 minutes of pea size hail and sheet rain. All the drain spouts are plugged with the hail. The ground is white with the stuff and everywhere there are banks of it. So much for crops. So much for gardens. Likely basements are flooded too.

    They have issued tornado warnings as well for the area. I will be surprised if one hasn’t touched down nearby.

    Perhaps, drought wouldn’t be so bad right now. Count your blessings, this has been quite the year so far.

  8. D. Smith

    @ Beautiful Clouds: I received (at my email inbox) a message that you had responded to my post, but it simply is NOT here that I can see, so I copied what you wrote and will put it here:
    “Well, I watched the 16 minute video. The maker does not do any credit to his subject, by taking so long not even really explain the device, nor did any definite results come about. Plus the horrible background acid rock music! He claims he got rain 2 out or 3 times — however, judging by the clouds it might have rained anyway. It looks like this guy put a lot of effort into getting, well, … nothing. If this fellow cleaned up his messy yard, maybe 2 out of 3 times it would be followed by a thunderstorm. — Try it!”

    I’m sorry to tell you but that is certainly not what is contained in the link I posted. I’ll post a different link (directly from youtube). The one I posted was about a guy from SC whose dairy cattle broke out of the fence in order to get at some green grass rather than eat grain rations. He tells (and shows) how he has set up his farm/ranch operation so that he has “12 Aprils” meaning that he has something growing year round. He doesn’t use chemicals of any kind, nor does he plow up the ground. THAT’S why it’s interesting.

    Here’s the youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnDg-FJiOec
    On youtube it’s called Sustainable 12 Aprils Grazing. The farmer/dairyman’s name is Tom Trantham or something like that. Farmer Tom!

    Maybe you watched something else posted here and thought it was the one I had posted??? Otherwise, I have no idea what you saw, but it wasn’t what was at the link I posted!

    • Beautiful Clouds...

      Oops! for my mistake. My apologies. I meant to reply to AJ.

      I should be more careful. I was expressing my mildly amused disgust about AJ’s link to a video about trying to “cloudbust” during a drought.

      • AJ

        @Beautiful Clouds.

        I agree with you that the video of the long haired hard rock dude was really weird! I was thinking as I was watching it, that if an idiot such as he could take make a contraption simular to WR invention and make it rain – anyone with half a brain could do it.

        The fact remains that for 2 weeks now because of the TDP experiment with 2 five gallon plastic pails, aluminum, salt water, and 8 copper pipes – the sky has been clear of chemtrails for a 100 mile radius. Potentially damaging storms have been converted into gentle rains. As more people have copied their experiment across the state of Maryland, the whole state and some of the surounding states have been freed of chemtrails and damaging storms as well.

      • D. Smith

        @ AJ: Unless someone is actually measuring what is or isn’t hitting the ground, there is absolutely no way of knowing that what you claim is truth or fiction. Personally, I tried watching the vid but only make through a few minutes before I had to click out. It was just too weird and I have better things to do. I stopped fantasizing years ago about things like “getting rid of chemtrails” and “busting up storms” and all that jazz.

      • D. Smith

        @ Beautiful Clouds: Thank heavens! I hope everyone watches the one I posted – no wild music or psychedelic junk there.

        Well . . . . so . . . ? Did you watch the vid I posted? Opinions please!

        I have learned from past experience that hardly anyone opens posted links, so I rarely put them up, but this is an exceptionally good one, so I took a chance.

  9. charles jasunas

    I saw the video and I think it could work, but I’m a city guy, so what do I know. You need some input from real farmers.

  10. AJ

    @ D. Smith – Personally, after this past week of drenching rain, hail banks, and tornado threats – I am done with being victimized. TDP has proven the system works amazingly well, and I have now built my own OEA (Orgone Energy Apparatus) here. Yes – though I had sent TDP the information they are the ones whom actually did the experiment first.

    Suit yourself, we all make our own choices.

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