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Organic food at the London Olympics

From Katrina Heron, on Civil Eats:

“…The new rules of the Games dictate that much of the food served—including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, milk, cheeses, and meats—will be sourced in the U.K.; animal products will meet or exceed a “Red Tractor” benchmark (an independent food seal of approval launched by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2000); fish will be demonstrably sustainable; cage-free hens will provide the eggs; milk and chicken will be organic; and drinking water will be free.

“Local and regional foods are a big part of the plan,” says Boycott, and indeed the Olympian PR wires have been buzzing with tales of Welsh lamb, Leicestershire Stilton pie, Perthshire (Scotland) charcuterie, Isle of Wight tomatoes, and sourdough bread from the London borough of Tower Hamlets, baked in a brick oven lined with peat from the nearby Thames. (It is also duly noted that the U.K.’s cultural diversity will be showcased in a wide range of other cuisines, and particular dietary needs—such as vegan and gluten-free—will be met.) Continue reading


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