Montana Jones sheep story continues….

Montana’s lawyer, Karen Selick, posted this message on Facebook today:

Photo via Montana Jones’ FB page. There was no accompanying text.

“OPP and CFIA are at Montana Jones‘ farm RIGHT NOW executing search warrant. They are going to charge her with obstructing CFIA–which means they are not planning to pay her compensation for the 70 or so sheep they destroyed.”



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5 responses to “Montana Jones sheep story continues….

  1. This is another example of government bullying of which the rood cause is corruption. We see examples of this every day on this blog and many others. The solution may easily be the program of CACL the Canadian Anti Corruption League found at This organization is most sympathetic with the plight of Montana, Michael Schmidt and a host of issues important to small family farms. It is worth taking a look at as you have nothing to loose and present tactics are stressful and painfully slow in any accomplishment.

  2. charles jasunas

    Let’s all leave an email to Stephen Harper and ask him to do the right thing !! Tell these thugs to leave Montana alone and pay for what they have done to her !! What country are we in anyway ?

  3. David Smythe

    I am sickened by this. A non-industrial farmer trying to perpetuate and strengthen the lineage of a heritage sheep species is being prosecuted, hung out to dry, and, having her livelihood decimated. All by a hell bent judge (CFIA), that refuses to compromise on their ill-conceived “mandate” to eliminate the never to be eradicated disease called Scrapie. Yay, Big Ag you win again. Bulldoze through you high and mighty bastards because it is written in the memo that you got in your cramped lifeless cubicle that you must. I am ashamed of our governments care of our agricultural system and their disregard for our small family farms. Dark days continue. YOU, individual out there, support your local food system, this week and every week.

  4. thebovine

    From Fox Jones on Montana Jones’ FB page 13 hrs ago:

    “The OPP and the CFIA are currently executing a search warrant on Wholearth Farm & Montana Jones, invading the farm, seizing property, and threatening to charge her with obstruction of justice despite her continued cooperation.

    They’re looking for evidence of involvement with the Farmers Peace Corps, and ties to suspects in the case of the Shropshire Sheep who were briefly rescued from destruction by the CFIA earlier this spring. Those sheep were sadly found and destroyed a few months later by the CFIA.

    Furthermore, Montana is now being denied any compensation for the nearly 70 sheep that were slaughtered, and over two years of lost farm income due to the government agency’s imposed quarantine.

    Did I mention the results are back from the found flock’s autopsies? All were negative for scrapie. The CFIA is responsible for the slaughter of thousands of perfectly healthy animals, dozens of them from our farm. Don’t you wonder why? What’s the real agenda here?

    So now, to add insult to genocide, Montana is being treated as a suspect, having her home and privacy invaded, and denied any compensation for the theft and destruction of her property, and her life’s work.

    This is how our great country Canada rewards one small farmer who single handedly spent ten years bringing a breed back from the brink of extinction. By destroying them, and charging her with criminal acts.”

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