Raid today on Michael Schmidt’s farm linked to sheep suspected of scrapie

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

View from the farmhouse, of today’s police raid on Michael Schmidt’s farm.

“A raiding party of twenty agents from three different agencies descended on Michael Schmidt’s Ontario Farm  at 7 this morning with a simple message: he could be looking at 14 years in jail in connection with conspiracy charges in connection with the scrapie sheep case from last April.

The agents didn’t actually have any kind of indictment or charges, just a search warrant that gave them authority to confiscate the four computers at his Glencolton Farm, and to copy all the information from all iPhones they could find. But the warrant indicated that the search was in connection with potential conspiracy charges for Schmidt’s suspected involvement in the sheep case. The agents were from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), as well as provincial and local police.

The agents also had authority to confiscate all electronic equipment, including the videos or other equipment of anyone who wanted to record the events. When Schmidt’s wife, Alyssa, began to take photos, they confiscated her camera. A guest from Germany staying at Schmidt’s farm had his iPhone confiscated when he began recording the search.

“This was something new,” Schmidt told me, about the confiscation of electronic equipment. He should know–he’s probably had half a dozen or more raids at his farm since the first one in 1993, mostly in connection with raw milk sales. He has recorded videos of the searches in the past. “They are getting careful–too many pictures are getting out” of raids and enforcement actions. As a result, there are only a few still photos of what occurred during the seven hours the agents were at his farm.

The agents raided the farm of Montana Jones as well. She runs the Ontario farm whose sheep were targeted for destruction in April in connection with an investigation into scrapie among the sheep. She questioned the accuracy and authenticity of testing that showed one of her sheep had scrapie. Before the sheep could be confiscated, they mysteriously disappeared one night, and an organization, “Farmers Peace Corp.”, took credit for their disappearance.

According to Schmidt, “They are looking at me as the leader of the Farmers Peace Corps.”

The 31 sheep were thought to possibly harbor scrapie, a fatal degenerative disease that can spread among sheep and goats. When 28 sheep were found by Canadian authorities in late June  and slaughtered and tested, they were negative for scrapie….”

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12 responses to “Raid today on Michael Schmidt’s farm linked to sheep suspected of scrapie

  1. Isn’t it interesting that they are upping the anti after the leave to appeal was granted………. This whole sheep issue is so awful and it just keeps getting more awful as these people continue to attack. Will people ever wake up and realize that our rights and freedoms are not what we think they are? Then again, as long as these things are happening to others and not affecting us or our supply of milk, wool or lamb, why should we speak…….. IT IS GOING TO AFFECT YOU IF YOU DON”T SPEAK UP AND DO IT SOON!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter

      So let us continue to ask the government for permission???
      I also challenge the value of “speaking out”. Plenty of protesting, and yelling with megaphones… Yet things only gets worse. I would suggest an understanding of rights and responsibility, the role of the court and the government might actually be beneficial to some constructive end. I personally find “speaking” without first “understanding”, or despite an “understanding”, productive only in enlarging the prevailing pity party.
      Anyway, just my opinion…

  2. Because murderers, rapists, and thieves are dangerous to hunt and might fight back.

    Boys in blue lookin’ out for you!

    Is there a more cowardly profession in all the world than regime-enforcer?

  3. Rick Adam


  4. Sylvia

    This is pure GESTAPO Tactic, nothing to be proud of being a Canadian anymore. But then again, Canadians are known for being so passive in everything, it has to be so easy in doing stuff like this as an authority. I guess, when you have been born & raised in a country of Milk and Honey like Canada and never left the country to broaden your own Horizon in what’s going on in the world besides your own little sheldered one, then you are really don’t care, do you? It is less threathning when you are watching injusdice on TV.
    Just so angry right now!!

  5. Angela Koch

    Oh they sure love to pick on Michael since he’s become a true hero in the eyes of many…..isn’t taking away camera’s and phones unconstitutional???

  6. Baneen

    Shame on the so called ‘authorities’. They have no right to confiscate camera’s and cell phones! We, the concious public, should sue these ‘authorities’ back for wrongful conduct. The only thing diseased here, is the system! So the big bad wolf aka Diary Corporations couldnt stand that mr. Schmidt won the right to appeal…. so now they are using other scare tactics…. Go Micheal, we’re with you…. these corrupt corporations and ‘authorities’ are soooo stupid and b/c they themselves are drinking pasturized milk, their neurons have stopped functioning properly…. these raids makes the public want to know more… the moment a human wants knowledge…. they become enlightened…. when they become enlightened, they support the truth…. and when truth is exposed, falsehood vanishes! And that’s what’s happening …. Thank you pasturized fed authorities w/ minimal brain power for bringing the truth to light!!!

  7. Intimidation and terrorist tactics to be sure. Things like this make me ill and angry as hell at the same time. 20 armed thugs? A wise use of the tax payers money to be sure.

    Our public servants have become monsters, that we have created.

    On a totally unrelated topic listen to this Lew Rockwell interview of a dairyman in California:

  8. Christine Stevenson

    I can not believe that this is happening today in our country – makes me wonder what else is going on that we do not know about –
    Its a disgrace that people can be treated this way – I have written to my MP my MPP and the Minister – but I think its just their flunkies that read their emails –
    What else can we do?

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