“Real Police” a hit with the kids at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms

From Michael Schmidt:

Michael’s young sons were eager to show their bikes to the real police.

Lets be like Children

Today once again we faced the reality of another search and seizure action by Government agents and Police.

To make it very clear, this time NOT because of milk like most people thought, no, this time because of the Shropshire sheep which disappeared sometimes beginning of April just before the CFIA henchmen came to kill them.

William and Oliver — yesterday’s visit from the real police made their day.

These rare sheep all tested negative after they were “humanely euthanized in order to conclusively proof that they were healthy” according to a C(F)IA statement.

Here comes the Farmers Peace Corp and tries to protect the genetic pool from a rather corrupt organization by “taking the sheep into protective custody until an alternative to killing has been found.”

Never ever did the C(F)IA attempted to contact anybody to prevent the spread of the supposedly terrible decease which is only an economic factor and not an human health factor.

Instead they pull out all their mighty forces to hunt down the possible members of the unknown Farmers Peace Corp.

But let me give you another side of this sad story of just another raid on our farm.

The gravel on our lane way announced the arrival of many cars around 7 O’clock this morning [editor’s note, this was August 2, 2012]. William, 5 and Oliver, 4 were still peacefully asleep in their beds when the hard knocks on the door announced the arrival of Government in search of revenge.

Our local police amongst them plus C(F)IA agents with impressive badges and very uptight professional computer hackers to confiscate and copy any electronic devices of communication and picture capacity.

As usual as always we welcome them, explain them where they can find their objects and give them space to expand their visible authority.

In the meantime….

Little Oliver,4 woken up by the commotion comes running into our arms.

With great excitement we tell him the amazing news that “real policemen” came to visit us. In ahh with sleepy eyes he looks with great admiration at the impressive uniform, the police hat and all the strange things attached to him.

Shortly thereafter William comes as well and both children look with big eyes at the police who came to visit us.

After a little while they begin to ask questions like:

Do you have a gun?

Do you only shoot bad people?

Do you put bad people into jail?

Do you have a phone?

After the initial phase of curiosity is over they came to me and told me that they want to paint a picture for the police men.

Elisa my wife gave them the paper and the water colors and both paint with excitement their pictures for the policemen.

As soon they were done they ran over and each policeman got one of their paintings.

As they were painting Elisa cooked the oats and we sat down lit the candle and said our little morning prayer.

With great appetite they started eating their oatmeal. I had to smile. As soon they finished they went to the policemen and showed their little empty bowl. “We ate everything” they announced with pride. I remembered that once or twice I had told them, that if they do not finish their oats I would call the food police to check up on them if they would not eat their oats. Here they proudly presented their empty bowls to the shiny and well dressed police men.

Cleaning their plates for “the food police”.

Off they went to explore all the cars outside and especially the real police cars. They got to try the police hat and showed them their swing and their bikes. Life was good and exciting for them.

With great respect they watched the computer guy doing his job and also discovered that the police had a big vest where no bullet could go through when bad people shoot at them. Now they know why Papa always wears a vest.

They also squeezed the hand of one of the officer to show how strong they already are.

As I laid them to bed and after the evening prayer I asked them if they would like the police to come back the next day, both, William and Oliver said “yes” with a big smile. They fell asleep happy.

William and Oliver want the police to come back again for another visit tomorrow.

All in all, it was a good day for our children, they embraced with innocence the police and only saw the good in all.

Let’s be like children

Good night

Michael Schmidt



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18 responses to ““Real Police” a hit with the kids at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms

  1. Charlotte

    Sweet! And here I was worried they would be traumatized. I am happy they had such fun in such a crappy situation.

  2. nedlud

    ‘Become as little children…’

    Donate yourself to the Jerry Sandusky et al, molestation club.

    Sorry, no can do.

    My prayers are probably not quite as kindly as Michael’s.

    Good for him, though.

    • Joan Sheppard

      Wow your comments are way off base and it is regretful that you would bring in the concept of child molestation to an experience seen with joy by the children under the protective eyes of their family.

      • nedlud

        I often confuse people. This is more notable on other sites where I comment, other than here. I am actually quite ‘restained’ here. Because this is a specialist site, about RAW MILK, but for your edification (or perhaps some other reader’s, since are not really very likely to ‘compute’, so to speak):

        There are two types of ‘innocence’.

        The innocence of the naive and foolhardy and the stupid.

        And the innocence of the wise.

        I know my duty and I do it diligently.


      • nedlud

        At least two typos in above comment. Sorry! Gotta go….


  3. Diane

    How absolutely, incredibly, beautiful!

  4. Strappin’ strong boys, with a good upbringing! What a testament they are to the cause of living in peace and harmony with nature, and others. Well done Michael and Elisa!

  5. Michael, you are not wearing your vest in that picture! Or your cap.

  6. rainhard pitschke

    Nice story. How beautifully would it read when the other agencies come…to confiscate the little boys to protect them from possible illegal activities? Michael could lie to them some more and tell them it’s because of previous oatmeal violations.

  7. Bill Anderson

    Truly Inspiring Michael! Thanks for writing this! I hope your family is doing well after this unfortunate event.

  8. Pingback: » Food Fascism: Early Morning Raid on Michael Schmidt’s Farm not Related to Raw Milk. Occupy Brooke Valley

  9. Very happy to hear that the boys were not upset by this. I was concerned when I heard. The OPP must have been okay with them. I have cops in my family and they are good fathers and good people. Sometimes I wonder what some of these officials really think about what they are told to do. 7 a.m. is a really sneaky time to show up at a farm or at any house. They are fortunate that they met up with someone who can manage to be patient and peaceful in such a situation or the whole thing could have gotten really ugly.

  10. Gordon S Watson

    what wonderful irony ; the very day Michael Schmidt was being raided, we got reports in the national media that the Prime Minister was out in the green wheatfields of the heartland of the Dominion, uttering an official pardon for the Farmers For Justice
    A decade ago, they were convicted in courts of law, for challenging the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board
    Now, through its mouthpiece, PM Harper, the Establishments says “These people were not criminals. They were our fellow citizens. For these courageous farmers, their convictions will no longer tarnish their good names ….”
    Same thing will happen with the Campaign for REAL MILK

  11. Deb

    What adorable boys, and I love the attitude of children their age. They have so much to discover, and so few preconceived ideas.

  12. Having grown up in PA, I had no idea it was illegal to sell raw milk places. I came across this site quite by accident, but now I’m intrigued. I live in DC now, but back in PA, my relative’s family farm often sold their milk to people. By the time I was a child, their herd was much smaller, down to a few cows at most because my great aunt and uncle were older, but they still sold it. It’s so messed up that it’s legal to sell half the stuff that’s sold in supermarkets (from the packaged crap to factory farm meat, dairy, etc), but not raw milk. Insane. I’m educated more and more every day.

  13. I too am appalled that you are teaching your children that it is normal for police to harass, steal, and violate citizens rights.

    Teaching them the truth does not have to be traumatic. Do you want to teach your kids to be Brownshirt snitches that worship the system as most seem to do? That will ensure more tyranny that never goes away.

    Though we may disagree in tactics I wish you luck in your battle Michael. Remember that HE came to bring us the sword because sheep end up being food for wolves.

    Sounds like you are going to be on the Alex Jones Show in a few minutes:

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