“Where’s the real conspiracy?”, asks Michael Schmidt, pointing to GMOs, raw milk bans and not to mention the extermination of rare heritage breeds.

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“Community Partners” – photo via The Complete Patient blog

“…It would be nice if such matters were a subject for public discussion. But in Canada and the U.S., the regulator approach is brutally simple:  We know best and we’ll decide what to do and everyone better listen to us…or else.

Ontario raw dairy farmer Michael Schmidt is simply seeking an avenue for discussion about an aspect of this issue that could be sensitive but important to many farmers and consumers alike–the wholesale elimination of rare sheep species, without consideration of possibly alternative avenues of investigation. He is prepared to accept destruction of the animals if they are actually found to be harboring disease.          

BUT, as in the case of raw milk, he’s unwilling to accept a dictatorial approach, with no provision for serious public consideration or discussion of ways to simultaneously ensure public safety, while protecting animals whose heritage is endangered. In Schmidt’s view, it’s a situation not all that different from what’s been happening in Michigan, with the wholesale  destruction of heritage breeds ofpigs.

So the authorities threaten Schmidt with violations of laws regarding obstructing inspectors and moving animals under quarantine, including conspiracy charges. (See the page above, from the search warrant used last Friday to carry out an all-day search of his farm; RobertPinnell, who is mentioned in the warrant, is a founder of the Practical Farmers of Ontario, which was formed last spring; Miro Malish is owner of the Ontario farm where authorities eventually found many of the disputed sheep, which had been moved from Montana Jones’ farm.)

Schmidt’s response? “I most likely will be charged for conspiracy. Who is in fact conspiring? Those who destroy the genetic pool and approve GMO corn , soy, alfalfa…..”

He challenges those who sympathize with him: “Are we mentally prepared to face the reality of severe punishment? Raising the awareness through actions, not any more talk.”

His prediction? “To turn the tide, public debate now in the courtroom instead of parliament, because of biased politicians.”

More on The Complete Patient blog, including a scan of the charges Michael could be facing.


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7 responses to ““Where’s the real conspiracy?”, asks Michael Schmidt, pointing to GMOs, raw milk bans and not to mention the extermination of rare heritage breeds.

  1. Tammy

    I can’t believe this is happening I’m Canada. And the fact that it doesn’t make main stream media I guess goes to show the degree of censorship in this country.

    • AJ

      Hello Tammy.

      Oh, it has been happening for awhile now in Canada, even in Alberta.

      Unfortunately, as it was in Germany so it is in Canada. By this I mean that there is a large number of the population whom truly desire to remain ignorant to what is happening within their country. I encounter them all the time – they do not want their little coocoon they have woven to be in any way disturbed. Send them an informative site such as this and they will ask you not to send them any more information. They like the MSM – they get to learn about all the Royal visits and how wonderful they are, the Olympics, the sinking of the Titanic, and now we get to learn how it was built. The MSM reminds us to never miss a vaccination, or a mammogram, or any other cancer causing medical diagnostics by the medical maffia. ALL WORTHLESS AND MEANINGLESS RUBBISH!!! The brainwashing message to us all is – the world has its problems, but here in Canada we have perfected peace. Tyranny and injustice happens in other parts of the world, not here in Canada. Our government wouldn’t do anything to harm us, not us Canadians whom live in such freedom.

      I heard a woman say months ago that in communist countries they use television to brainwash the poplulation. I wanted to ask her, “What do you think TV does here?” I didn’t, because I know I would have received one of those blank “HUHHH” stares that I see on a frequent basis.

      Loss of freedom is going to be such a harsh reality for many people should this tyranny become the new normal. Like the frog slowly boiling to death in a pot of water, many people would rather just adjust to a new normal than fight their way out of it all. They would rather leave such fighting up to people like Michael.

      @ Michael – I viewed your interview with Mike Adams tonight. You gave a really good message – I hope many people hear it and get it.

      Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight – you will win this battle too. 🙂

    • Tammy. My husband tells me that the Globe has something about this today. I haven’t had time to look online with it but he’s bringing the paper home for me tonight. So it is making main stream news which is a good thing!

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  3. AJ

    Michael, I have sent you an email with some good news. Please let me know if you have received it.

  4. kat

    Does anyone have more info on this? I’m not understanding what going on from the article. Did his sheep miss a vaccination and now they want to kill the sheep due to possible disease? That seems pretty extreme. Was there evidence that the sheep were ill?

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