Michael Schmidt makes the Alex Jones National News on Infowars.com

From Alex Jones’ Infowars.com:

Mostly however, this program is about the recent public shootings in America.

“…[Health Ranger] Mike [Adams] also talks with Michael Schmidt, a Ontario farmer who has been in a protracted legal battle over selling and producing raw milk. [sometime after an hour and 13 minutes into the program]. Schmidt’s co-op farm was recently raided by federal inspectors….”



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20 responses to “Michael Schmidt makes the Alex Jones National News on Infowars.com

  1. This should the the right audio file in case you want to download it or post it elsewhere.
    [audio src="http://archives2012.gcnlive.com/Archives2012/aug12/AlexJones/0806122.mp3" /]
    Located at: http://www.gcnlive.com/

    Also spread this Acres USA article about scapies/madcow around:

    Great interview Michael. Hope to hear you on the show again.

  2. Being on the Alex Jones show is hardly something to be exited about. Nor is being interviewed by Mike Adams. From Mike Adams – “When the population continues to expand and most of the world’s resources are wiped out, the human population will plunge into a time of great darkness. The loss of life will be immense — perhaps as much as a 90% reduction in the planetary population. Ecosystems will fail, crops will fail and civilization itself will be brought to its knees.”
    “It’s very similar to the way a virus invades a human body and multiplies until it kills the very host that once gave it life. In terms of big-picture behavior, humans are much like a virus on our planet.

    This cycle of destruction and rebirth could be balanced out, though, by a sufficiently intelligent species gifted with sufficient foresight to see what’s coming and make early adjustments to avoid the population collapse. Our current human species, sadly, is not sufficiently intelligent to do so.

    He sounds like a mouth piece for the globalist de-population agenda. Why is that?

    • thebovine

      Without more context it’s hard to discern whether he’s acknowledging the agenda or promotiing it. I’ve read a lot of his other journalism on food rights, and from what I’ve seen, he’s very much in favour of liberty.

    • I think you need to further educate yourself.

      Alex Jones is one of the few people on the planet that understands the root causes and solutions of the troubles that we are going through. There are others out there, but he has the most influence by far.

      • As a researcher since the 70’s……..I beg to differ with your assessment.

      • AJ


        Four months ago I would have agreed with you, until I started to listen to a few of my American friends whom really didn’t trust Alex J. I then found information which exposed Alex in a different light, and then more information. He does have good reporters working for him, many whom I still tune in to listen to, but, I personally have a very low toleration for Alex. There are a number of individuals whom have revealed another side to Alex. Two such individuals are William Cooper and Jack Blood. Both men had close association with Alex and there are many others with a different outlook on Alex.

        He has a lot of influence for a reason – it is given to him.

        There are plenty of sites revealing truth, The Bovine is just one of them.

      • “There are plenty of sites revealing truth, The Bovine is just one of them.”
        The Bovine may be 100% legit, unfortunately many of the sites the Bovine links to are not. I see this quite often on other sites as well.
        “Over all you are much more likely to find the truth in the alternative media.”
        You will never find the truth in mainstream or alternative media, if you don’t know what the truth looks like. Big problem for most people.
        “To fight verbally, and when it comes down to no other choice to fight physically.”
        Neither will have the desired outcome. History proves it.

        Action is what changes things…..nothing else.
        The problem is, people don’t want to engage in the required Actions to bring about change. They want someone else to change things for them.
        From birth people are taught to bow to “Authority” and this keeps them in a childlike mindset.
        This must change or nothing else will.

        I do thank The Bovine for allowing me to post my thoughts.

        In Liberty and Truth

      • AJ you really give no reason for your distrust of Alex. I am familiar with the Cooper – Jones spat they did not get along for whatever reason. The bottom line is that if you check out his info it is all legit. Isn’t that what matters?

        Atomcat you said: “Neither will have the desired outcome. History proves it.”

        Well I hate to disagree, but the United States is an example of where things came out fairly well at least for 100 years, it then went down hill. Notice I did say “as a last resort” so whatever the outcome it will be better than becoming enslaved IMHO.

    • AJ

      Hello Ron.

      I suspect that you and I have a simular understanding of Alex Jones. I used to have much respect for him, and was defensive of him until I saw so much evidence revealed to the contrary. Now, I will only check in on occasion to listen to Paul Watson some of his other reporters. He does have some good reporters and researchers working for him.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, four months ago I would have disagreed with you, but not now.

  3. AJ

    Michael, please wipe out the 2 videos above. I find it absolutely bizzar that the correct video did not copy within both posts, for I do know how to copy and paste.

    • thebovine

      Which videos are you referring to?

    • AJ if you are referring to my posts linking to a PDF and an MP3, (not videos) I can not make you computer literate in a short post. I don’t think “wiping” them is the correct response to something you can not figure out AJ.

      Find someone that knows what they are doing or learn how to use Google to learn things that you don’t know. Good Luck….

      • AJ

        @ Inalienable

        It is NOT your posts that needs to be wiped out, but 2 faulty videos WHICH I HAD POSTED that did not copy and paste correctly.

        I do not need instruction on how to operate a computer. And, I will trust that your comment was not ment to insult me. We are entering in to a time where we are going to be finding out that things do not operate the way they normally would. There has been much censorship on the internet already.

        As for Alex. With my post being in moderation for at least 24 hours I cannot easily argue my point. The information is all out there if you really want to find it. I found much of it while researching other topics. The information I found forced me to admit to my friends that they had been right regarding Alex.

        The fact that you do not agree matters squat to me.

      • AJ i can not agree or disagree with something thing you have failed to substantiate and only alluded to.

      • AJ

        @inalienable…. For crying out loud! If I can find the truth, you and others can as well. Dig and find it out for yourself – I did!

        The reason why I will not post all of the proof that I have to substanciate my claim is because I do not want to. I am certain that Michael does not want this forum to become a trashing of other websites. Nor do I – for Alex’s sites still do inform people thanks to the excellent journalists he has working for him.

        I want for people to be forwarned not to fully trust anyone within the media, and to check out everything before blindly following and believing everything which is presented to them as fact. Because sometimes those facts presented can be totally fabricated lies. If you do your part and research you will find that Alex has done a lot of fabrication.

  4. That’s the problem with so much of the “Alternative Media.” It looks good from the storefront. It takes effort and research in order to find the real message being presented. As my grade 7 teacher told me long ago. Never believe anything you see, read or hear until you’ve taken the time to do your own research. If this simple advice were taught today…..the world would be a much better place. Deception wouldn’t get a foothold. Anyway, I’ve known Michael for several years now and he is a man of moral fortitude. However, I’m concerned people are looking to him as some kind of hero. He’s not, he’s a man like any other. If he loses his appeal, I expect a loud chorus of “he did his best, but you can’t fight the gov.” Or “too bad about Michael.” This is the message I picked up from some of his supporters when I attended his trial, where he was acquitted.
    People want their rights and freedoms but can’t bring themselves to do what is necessary, so they look to someone like Michael with the hope he’ll make things right. I remember the cheering when Michael emerged from the courtroom. We shook hands and I said to him “these people think you won…the fight has just begun” and it continues to this day.
    If the court buries him, will anything have changed?
    May God continue to guide Michael on his journey.
    “Let no man or media deceive you”

  5. It’s called “controlled opposition”…………….

  6. Ron
    Consider the other side of the coin. I submit that the problem with the dinosaur media is that almost all of it is disinformation. Yet hardly anyone researches it and believes it as if it came from the mouth of God. Over all you are much more likely to find the truth in the alternative media.

    Personally I never expect justice from the courts. I can honestly say I have
    never personally seen any form of justice from any court – ever. If you listen to the dinosaur media without doing your research you will be mislead into believing that courts have anything to do with justice, when in reality they are just there to hold up the illusion of justice while controlling the inmates in the prison.

    In the end the only thing that guarantees our rights as you say, is our willingness to say no. To fight verbally, and when it comes down to no other choice to fight physically.

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