Holy Cow — the war on raw milk starts to look a lot like the war on drugs

From Elkhart Country Grass Roots Hub .

“Extending for four decades now, the war on drugs has ingrained a certain ideology into society. What was sold as an initiative to get dangerous drugs off the streets has conceived a totalitarian mindset that government has the authority to control everything you eat and drink and, if you disobey, the state can fine you, destroy your property, raid your home and throw you in jail. I’m not talking about cocaine or meth. I’m not even talking about marijuana. I’m talking about milk.

According to Time Magazine , “for some Americans, milk has become a test of their freedom. And they’re not paranoid kooks either; the government really is out to get them, authorizing seizures of bottles and jugs of unpasteurized milk and, in one recent case, a full-on, agents-brandishing-guns raid.”

There is indeed a war going on, and it’s threatening one of your most basic freedoms – the right to eat a wholly natural, healthful food!

The FDA has long banned the sale of raw milk across state lines, and in many states it’s illegal to sell raw milk entirely. (For more information about laws in various US states, please see this link. For information about raw milk in other countries go here.)

Why has a natural food source been banned for sale in so many areas?…”

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4 responses to “Holy Cow — the war on raw milk starts to look a lot like the war on drugs

  1. Reblogged this on Durable Faith and commented:
    So americans turned out in record numbers to support the chick fil a cows, now its time to stand up for wholesome milk!

  2. It’s Martin Niemöller’s poem all over again. Those that sat silently by, watching, and even applauding the war on drugs are getting what, in a way, they deserve.

    How can a thinking person let government rape his neighbor and not expect that same government to rape him some day?

    • charles jasunas

      You’re right. I just read the ”Tip Sheet on Raw Milk” on Health Canada’s web site. They try to explain how bad raw milk is and all the desease and even death it will cause if you drink it. Thousands of farmers and their family and freinds drink it every day. If they got sick or die it should make headline news. But they never get sick. Look at Micheal Schmidt who has raised his family on raw milk all they get sick of is the CFIA and all the other thugs that probably drink raw milk themselves.

      • Charles, another thing left out of the argument, is that it is not the proper place of government to “protect us” never has been never will be. It IS the proper place of government to protect my rights. (To enforce the non-aggression principle.) How can violating my right to contact (buy a product) be construed as anything other than tyranny? Protecting my rights, and protecting me from making choices that the State wants to have a monopoly over are two very different things that most people are not even smart enough to differentiate.

        If government has a right to protect us. I it could outlaw McDonalds, motorcycles, sugar, alcohol, staying in the sun for more than a few hours. getting less that 8 hours worth of sleep, skydiving, talking on cell phones for too long, making it a crime not to exercise, and tens of thousands other things. Is this the kind of government that we want?

        Isn’t it telling that government rather than protecting us, uses it’s monopoly power to actively harm us? (i.e. Fluoride in the water, mercury your dental work, poisons in our food.) As usual government lies and lies and lies in order to justify itself.

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