Raw milk user testifies to benefits

From Kimberly Hartke:

“Here is an incredible testimony about how nutrient dense foods and raw milk saved a little baby and restored his health. This child was born with a serious dental deformity, called parrot bite….”


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2 responses to “Raw milk user testifies to benefits

  1. What’s the point? Are we only to be allowed food by our masters when we can create an infomercial as to it’s benefits? That seems to be what we are setting ourselves up for.

  2. Deen

    Great post Kimberley.
    To the Gentleman in the above video.
    Do not baffle your brain.Just follow the money.
    Do governments( their various departments agents and corporations) swear oaths of loyalty to their citizens.
    If the answer is no which the evidence seems to corroborate.
    Who is in control?
    For example whom does FDA really work for ?
    I came across some information that states that the origin of the police
    in North America was to hunt down runaway slaves.I find this very interesting.
    If anyone has further information on this please let me know?
    It seems much of the confusion around food rights exists because people do not know the history of the Western World .
    Did not the poor people of USA fight a war of independence because of taxation without any representation?
    Did they win that war?

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