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Regulatory wolf in sheep’s clothing

From Karen Selick, reprinted from the August 11 National Post:

Canada’s pending entry into the Trans Pacific Partnership has focused public attention – and well-deserved wrath – on the subsidies consumers are forced to pay to dairy and poultry farmers through the supply management system. However, I recently stumbled across a hidden agricultural subsidy most Canadians have probably never heard of, but are forced to pay for through their taxes.

My client Montana Jones came to the attention of National Post readers when her photo appeared on the front page of this newspaper in April under the headline “Have you seen this sheep?”

Ms. Jones is a breeder of a rare heritage breed of sheep called Shropshires. Thirty-one of her sheep were stolen by a group purportedly wishing to protect them, after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) ordered that they be destroyed and tested for a disease called “scrapie.” Continue reading


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