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Karen Selick on TV tonight — talking sheep, scrapie, subsidies & the CFIA

Sun TV’s Charles Adler

Sheep? Scrapie? Subsidies? How much are taxpayers paying for that they’ve never heard of? Where’s the cost-benefit analysis?

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick will be discussing all this and more tonight on the Charles Adler show on Sun TV. The show will air 8 – 9 pm Eastern Time. Full schedule.

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Pitchfork Protest over birthday party charges in Virginia; warrantless bylaw enforcement practices here in Ontario

From Madeleine Morganstern, on The Blaze.com:

“When Martha Boneta hosted a birthday party for a friend’s 10-year-old daughter on her Virginia farm, she didn’t expect to have the county come knocking on her door.

But come knocking it did — threatening her with nearly $5,000 in fines.

Fauquier County officials say Boneta, owner of the 70-acre Liberty Farms in Paris, Va., didn’t have the proper permit to host the party, nor to sell produce on her own land. Zoning Administrator Kimberley Johnson sent her a cease-and-desist letter in April after the party, warning her with the financial consequences if she didn’t stop her activities within 30 days. Continue reading

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