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Karen Selick’s unpublished letter to the editor of the Owen Sound Sun Times, re the Montana Jones Shropshire sheep

From Karen Selick:

This is the letter that I prepared for the Owen Sound Sun Times on July 4, 2012 after discussing with the editor Doug Edgar my concerns about inaccuracies in their reporting on the Montana Jones story.  Mr. Edgar led me to believe in our telephone conversation that he would publish my letter if I took the time to write it; otherwise, I would not have spent the time.  However, 7 weeks have now gone by, and despite several back-and-forth e-mails with Mr. Edgar, he still has not published my letter, nor has he given any commitment that he will do so.  In order to prevent my effort from being a total waste, I am offering this to The Bovine for publication.

Dear Editor of the Sun Times, Continue reading


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LifeStock – a call to farms – Sept 30th


Join us Sunday September 30th for a day of foodmusicwords

Raw milk is illegal, growing food in your urban yard is against the law, and government policy threatens the genetic biodiversity of our produce and livestock. Continue reading

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