LifeStock – a call to farms – Sept 30th


Join us Sunday September 30th for a day of foodmusicwords

Raw milk is illegal, growing food in your urban yard is against the law, and government policy threatens the genetic biodiversity of our produce and livestock.

Small farms are targets…but we are ALL losing the right to choose, what we eat and how we live.

It’s your Life. It’s your LifeStock.

This is A Call to Farms… and a call to every one of us.

Come look, listen, talk, sing, dance, eat, share… the first LifeStock at Wholearth Farmstudio in Hastings, Ontario

Gates open 10:30 a.m.

From the event website.


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One response to “LifeStock – a call to farms – Sept 30th

  1. Marietta Pellicano

    If this government insanity doesn’t stop we’ll all be eating “soylant green” like in the old Charleston Heston movie!

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