Raw milk initiative in New Zealand

From Stuff.co.nz:

Picture via Three Wheeled Cheese

“A South Island company is setting a precedent by selling raw milk to consumers.

But plans to set up franchises around the country have stalled while other farmers await the outcome of a Ministry of Primary Industries review of raw milk regulations.

Village Milk is a Golden Bay business selling milk under the 1981 Food Act which allows farmers to sell up to five litres of milk daily to buyers who consume it themselves or provide it for their families.

The company, owned by the Houston family, has imported an automatic milk dispenser to sell milk direct to the public from its Clifton farm.

Managing director Richard Houston said it sells up to 300 litres a day for $2 a litre.

He expects demand to increase when there is a summer influx of visitors to Golden Bay.

He said there was interest in buying Village Milk franchises from farmers in the North and South Island.

But because the ministry was reviewing the submissions and options, farmers were reluctant to invest until decisions were made, he said.

“We just hope they come to a decision that does not place us outside the rules. There is potential they could shut us down if they come back with new rules….”

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Picture via Three Wheeled Cheese.


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2 responses to “Raw milk initiative in New Zealand

  1. The way this is approached is a travesty! It is like the government giving you permission to hug your wife 3 times a day and everyone gets all excited about how free they are. Hog wash.

    The only purpose of government is to protect your inalienable rights – not to define them or to dole them out. We are the masters they are the servants. Let’s get back on track boys and girls.

  2. Golden Red

    I live in the community of Golden Bay, New Zealand where this dairy farm is located. It’s an amazing venture and has become really popular. Sure, it would be nice if we could buy raw milk in the stores in town. But since the silly law makes raw milk only sellable directly from the farm gate, the fresh raw milk ends up being even cheaper than the crappy supermarket milk, as it’s going direct from producer to consumer. As a result it’s become very popular, not just with people interested in raw milk but with everyone who would like cheaper milk – so now our whole community is finding out how much better real milk is. Since the milk is sold from a vending machine, no one has to be paid to sit there all day selling it. And you know it’s fresh because the farmers empty the vat every day and feed whatever’s leftover back to the calves. Of course for this model to work the farm has to be located on a major road just outside the town where lots of people drive by. So yes, the law is restrictive, but these folks have found a pretty awesome way around it.

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