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CCF litigation director Karen Selick writes to the CFIA re their plan to kill four of Montana Jones’ lambs

This letter was sent to the CFIA on August 31st on Montana Jones’ account, by her lawyer, Karen Selick, litigation director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. As of Sept 5, no answer has yet been received.

Inspector Duane Boyd attended at Ms. Jones’ home on August 29 and informed her that he intended to kill four of her lambs that day.  For reasons which are not clear to us, he failed to conduct the euthanization that day.  Perhaps it was the arrival of the cameras from CHEX-TV that dissuaded him.

We have no idea what the CFIA’s intentions may be at this point, but obviously the element of surprise is gone.  We suspect that perhaps CFIA staff are planning to re-attend at the farm over the upcoming Labour Day weekend when they think Ms. Jones will be less able to contact her lawyer, the media, and supportive friends. Continue reading


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