Those midwesterners are finally doing something about Monsanto’s predations

From GMO Free Midwest:

Occupy Monsanto (Sept. 17) begins a global week of action celebrating the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.  All across the world there will be events and demonstrations expressing concerns regarding Monsanto’s increasing control of food and Monsanto’s continued aggressive development of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) technology.  Many are also voicing demands for labeling foods that contain GMOs.

The World headquarters of Monsanto is in St. Louis.  Safe Food Action, The Gateway Green Alliance and the Organic Consumers Association are hosting a two day event , Sept. 16-17 to participate in the discussion of GMO technology and the larger issue of food safety.

Please join us for a conference and two days of education and direct action regarding GMOs and Monsanto.  Learn more about GMOs’ effect on human health, the environment, the economy and the use of GMOs to dominate the globe.  There may be opportunities to interact with the Monsanto family.

Co-sponsoring Organizations:

Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE)

St. Louis Animal Rights Team (START)

Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)



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4 responses to “Those midwesterners are finally doing something about Monsanto’s predations

  1. As much as Occupy is clueless on most issues, they have at least picked a worthy cause here.

    How effective they are going to be is another matter, as they never have seemed to be able to convey any type of rational well thought out message. This is not surprising as they, have a habit of censoring people whose ideas they disagree with in their online discussions.

  2. cindy

    why is this conference being sponsered by an anarchist-communist group

    • thebovine

      Maybe nobody else wanted to sponsor it, LOL!

    • I beg your pardon! Occupy is not Anarchist nor is WSA.

      Please do not insult anarchist like that. Socialism/Communism are much more closely related to the present US government than they are to anarcho-capitalism as the US government has implemented all 10 planks of the communist manifesto.

      The only possible nexus to anarchy that may exist, are agent provocateur cops that in recent years that have acted badly in order to demonize anarchists, and also the group that they infiltrate. (sometimes occupy)

      As far as communist leanings that is a more accurate description of Occupy. Whatever they are, their goals are often the choices the bankers would have chosen also. The same people they claim to oppose.

      Here is an article about anarchy for your edification:

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