Was Rawsome raw milk raid all about enforcement theatre and intimidation and not about substantive cases?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Almost like a mirage, the Rawesome Food Club case seems to be disappearing before our eyes.

A big chunk of it vaporized Friday when two defendants–Sharon Palmer and Victoria Bloch–settled the charges filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney 13 months ago with slaps on the wrist…no, I’d say they were little taps. They each pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor, and agreed to pay a small fine.

Palmer, the Ventura County farmer, pleaded guilty to one count of distributing milk in unsanitary conditions, was fined $400, and will have to do 40 hours of community service.  She will be on probation for three years.

Bloch, the graphic designer  who worked for Palmer at farmers markets on weekends, pleaded guilty to one count of mislabeling a container of goat milk. She’ll pay a $100 fine  and won’t have any  community service requirement.  She’ll be on probation for one year.

The case of James Stewart, Rawesome’s manager, remains in abeyance. He has a hearing scheduled next Wednesday in Ventura County on his motion to dismiss charges against him there for alleged with fraud and securities law violations  in connection with Palmer’s acquisition of Healthy Family Farms back in 2008. Palmer still faces charges there as well in connection with loans and a mortgage obtained to obtain the farm.

But if the events today are any indication, Stewart’s Los Angeles County case can be expected to vaporize, and the Ventura County case looks to be on unsteady legs.

The L.A. County District Attorney clearly didn’t want to have to present evidence  in the Rawesome case. The prosecutors there had previously offered Palmer a deal whereby she would plead guilty to a single felony count,  and agree not to sell food at any farmers markets in L.A. County for several years. …”

Read more on The Complete Patient.


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4 responses to “Was Rawsome raw milk raid all about enforcement theatre and intimidation and not about substantive cases?

  1. nedlud

    To run a successful ‘business’ (as ‘civilization’ {as we know it} calls for), extortion, bribery, theater/trickery (ie., mass perception management) and various overt and covert threats (up to and including jailings and/or rape, torture and killings) are indispensible. Thus, the hierarchy of tyranny and its strongly constructed ‘chain of command’ replace all remaining vestiges of the once sacred circle of life, of which humans were a part, and as we used to live it, in our much more ‘primitive’ state….

    Herald cosmic (technological) evolution!

    Wealth ‘acquisition’ is the new rule.

    Business ‘saavy’ is the order and the will of the day.

    All good and thoroughly modern leaders and their many active agents are under this ‘high’ command.

    Life and its ‘lesser’ principles of cooperation and connecteness and love and understanding be damned, business sense shall rule!




  2. susan

    Oh brother!! But its very good to MOVE ON!!

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  4. MisBehaved Woman

    Reblogged this on MisBehaved Woman and commented:
    The raids were intimidation, pure and simple. We mustn’t allow corporations to lose out on profits by allowing people the freedom to choose what the eat or drink.

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