“Milk and our children’s future” — Raw milk symposium Oct. 19, 20, Vancouver

October 19th and 20th, 2012, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada!

On the coattails of the right to appeal the case for raw milk, Cow Share Canada presents the 4th International Raw Milk Symposium, sponsored in part by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

We welcome everyone – whether you have an interest in learning about raw milk, whether you are a concerned consumer or whether you are a farmer. Please join us.

The highest court in Ontario that has ruled on significant cases in the past has agreed to hear the raw milk challenge. This is a big step in the right direction and could set a precedent for the rest of Canada. The judge expressed the need to address the raw milk issue, to consider the needs of raw milk consumers and to develop fair legislation.

Let us come together to learn more about the health benefits of raw milk, to hear about the conflicted arguments for and against pasteurization, to comprehend the foundation of a reasonable scientific approach, to understand the challenges we all face in making freedom to choose our food a viable reality for both baby boomers and their children.

As the political situation around raw milk becomes more and more complex, the Symposium will seek to address many of the current issues. From research questions to raids, there will be a wide range of topics covered by renowned speakers, activists, farmers and constitutional lawyers from Canada and abroad.

One of the highlights will be: Professor Dr. Ton Baars, Senior scientist for milk quality and animal welfare for the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture will question the value of experience versus scientific findings that may leave out important variables, in his talk:
Raw milk research scientific suicide or neglected responsibility – Anecdotal reality versus statistical illusion

We will also have two exciting panel discussions this year:

Karen Selick, LL.B. & Shawn Buckley, LL.B. will discuss the legal questions around feeding our children: Legal Aspect of Parental Responsibility and Liberty

Dr. Robert W. Buckingham, DrPH, MA, BA, Executive Director, School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan and Dr. Ted F. Beals MS, MD will explore the possibilities for a global win-win in food freedom, in their debate:
Finding Common Ground for a Constructive Solution

The speakers’ list also features farmers Mark McAfee, the founder of Organic Pastures Dairy and one of the leaders in the raw milk movement in the US, Alice Jongerden, Co-Owner, Home on the Range Organics Ltd. & Mobile Farmer’s Market in BC. Last but not least we are proud to have Kimberley Hartke and Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
Come to the 4th International Raw Milk Symposium and find out how we can all support the raw milk movement and secure food freedom for our children.
There will be a Wine and Cheese Reception on Friday evening to introduce the event. The lectures will be scheduled for Saturday. Registrants will be well cared for with three delicious, healthy meals, along with snacks and hot beverages.

Symposium website

Symposium programme

Registration link  should be active as of the afternoon of Thursday Sept. 13th.


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2 responses to ““Milk and our children’s future” — Raw milk symposium Oct. 19, 20, Vancouver

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  2. Loreta Ashlie

    I am a Senior, and I want to be able to buy Raw milk in the stores.
    As I was growing up in Europe, I had no problem with drinking milk at the RAW state.
    SEE!!! DR.Mercola’s Web site for more information on the subject.

    Sincerely. Loreta Ashlie.

    P.S. I am not a good speller, sorry never went to school here.

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