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Ontario cow share members come out to show their support as dairy farmer is questioned by local health officials

From Margo McIntosh, on the Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy blog:

Ontario herdshare members and supporters on hand for a meeting with health officials.

‘Today about 30 people were at a farm just north of Clinton, Ontario in the cold and rain to show support for their cow share farmer.  Raw milk consumers are realizing the importance of speaking up and supporting their farmers.  Farmers who board, care for and milk cows for people deserve our support when our outdated laws are used to try to stop them.   Continue reading


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Victory for herdshares in Wyoming

From Farm to Consumer Legal Defense:

An attempt to ban herdshares by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture has resulted in Governor Matt Mead ordering the department to issue a rule expressly legalizing herdshares. Here’s a report from FTCLDF member Frank Wallace, whose sister is state representative Sue Wallis.

We have a win in Wyoming! The Wyoming Department of Agriculture has announced the decision on the proposed rule on who may use the raw milk from a dairy animal.

Previously the rule/law in Wyoming was quite draconian and quite unenforceable stating, “Unpasteurized milk and products made from unpasteurized milk (except cheese qualifying under subsection (d)) may not be sold, delivered, served, or provided for human consumption.” Continue reading


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FDA payoffs to MN regulators for harassing small farmers like Alvin Schlangen (who is now in court)?

The latest stuff you couldn’t make up from David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient:

“Alvin Schlangen began his first day in court by rejecting a settlement offer from the prosecutor and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that would have had him pleading guilty to one misdemeanor, paying $200 court costs, and possibly going to jail. He has previously expressed his commitment to go through with a trial, and prove his innocence of state charges of illegally selling raw milk and other foods.

Much of Monday was spent selecting a jury, and near the end of the day, the state presented its first witnesses. (A more complete report will follow shortly.)

In the meantime, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture came into court fresh from a big grant from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration–part of its reward for going after farmers like Schlangen so aggressively.   Continue reading


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Occupy Monsanto protest in Toronto yesterday, Sept 17th, at Queen’s Park

Story and pictures from SA:

What kind of world are we leaving for our children to deal with?

SEPT 17th: Worldwide, today, there were over 75 demonstrations to target Monsanto and the onslaught of Genetically Engineered Foods.  In Toronto, a number of concerned individuals known a Occupy Monsanto, Toronto, staged a protest at Queen’s Park.   Continue reading


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