Occupy Monsanto protest in Toronto yesterday, Sept 17th, at Queen’s Park

Story and pictures from SA:

What kind of world are we leaving for our children to deal with?

SEPT 17th: Worldwide, today, there were over 75 demonstrations to target Monsanto and the onslaught of Genetically Engineered Foods.  In Toronto, a number of concerned individuals known a Occupy Monsanto, Toronto, staged a protest at Queen’s Park.  

Protesting Monsanto in front of Queen’s Park, Toronto.

Although, the turnout was not large, progress was made in networking and improving strategies to further this vital cause.  Protests around the world varied in size, but are unified in exposing GMO food and industry; pushing GMO’s out of our food supply; and at minimum, demanding labeling of GMO products in North America.

Occupy Monsanto Toronto Facebook page



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5 responses to “Occupy Monsanto protest in Toronto yesterday, Sept 17th, at Queen’s Park

  1. thebovine

    From FB: “There is something wrong when a chemical manufacturer, the same company who made Agent Orange, controls the US food supply,” says Jaye Crawford.

  2. If each of us tells this story our numbers will grow into a sea change and educating one person to one person can turn the tide. Monsanto’s corporate monster can be defeated with the word of mouth.

  3. Joan Sheppard

    love to part of another should it happen. It is important to
    keep the light shining on Monsanto especially now
    that again one of their own has been appointed to head
    up the FDA. It isn’t just GMO but Aspartame that needs

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  5. We cannot sit by and let the government decide for us. We don’t want it. I applaud the Occupy Monsanto group for doing this. Hopefully next time they will post it on the GMO Free Canada Facebook page so we can hopefully increase the number of people at the protest. More people need to be made aware of what is happening to our food supply. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gmofreecanada/

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