Ontario cow share members come out to show their support as dairy farmer is questioned by local health officials

From Margo McIntosh, on the Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy blog:

Ontario herdshare members and supporters on hand for a meeting with health officials.

‘Today about 30 people were at a farm just north of Clinton, Ontario in the cold and rain to show support for their cow share farmer.  Raw milk consumers are realizing the importance of speaking up and supporting their farmers.  Farmers who board, care for and milk cows for people deserve our support when our outdated laws are used to try to stop them.  

It is the belief of all of us present today that we have the right to choose what food goes in our mouths and that health units and government has no right to interfere with a private contract between an informed consumer and his/her farmer.  These laws are being challenged in Ontario and BC courts right now.  As one of the consumers pointed out today to this official, private contracts are none of governments business.

The health unit visited the farm last week and made an appointment for today, Tuesday, September 18th at 1 p.m.  The reason for the appointment was to investigate and get information on this farm and their cow share.  Unlike the raids on Michael Schmidt’s farm, this visit was prearranged and two representatives of the health unit showed up right on time.  They were both polite and respectful which was a pleasant surprise.  Their questioning though led some of us to believe that there was an idea of trapping this farmer into saying something they could use against him.  It was stated over and over again that they were just there to gain information.   What information?  What context?   Questions were asked such as how would a consumer find out about a farm like this one.  The answer to that of course is word of mouth but if this farmer had been openly advertising and admitted it, this would be something they could have used against him a court of law.  What these officials need to realize is that the market for raw milk is so big that there are not enough farmers to supply the demand so advertising would never be necessary.  Consumers are tired of the health advice from government.  Advice that has not improved health in the long run.

The interview was recorded by my friend Andrew Kohl, a talented producer and will be up on You Tube within the next couple of days.  I will post it here when I have it.

The whole interview was done on the porch of the farmhouse and the inspectors did not ask to go into the barn or see the operation….”

Read more on the Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy blog.



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3 responses to “Ontario cow share members come out to show their support as dairy farmer is questioned by local health officials

  1. Gary

    Nice work everybody!

  2. Carol

    Not Clinton! I think you mean Clifford.

  3. AJ


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