GMO milk to make “designer humans”?

From Sad in America via Know the Lies:

Image via Know the Lies blog.

In the near future, human development can potentially be dictated by corporate America, through the Bill & Malinda [sic] Gates Foundation and their $8.3 U.C. Davis grant. ~ David Peters

Monsanto’s head of the FDA’s food safety division is threatening to get rid of raw (real) milk, and the real reason for this may have reared its ugly head. 

The following is certainly not a scientific assessment of Gates’ project but it is clear he is intending to genetically engineer milk and is looking at altering immunity itself.


Bill Gates just gave an $8.3 million grant to develop GMO Designer Humans. By simply altering, deleting, or adding certain gut bacteria (genes) and fungi, corporations can create “Designer Human Consumers” in the near future, and Bill Gates wants to do just that, starting by “spiking” the milk that a toddler drinks.

Gates and corporations he licenses, could potentially make a human short, tall, smart, dumb, submissive, aggressive, autistic, savant, healthy, or constantly in need of pharmaceutal [sic] drugs, or depend on WINDOWS computer based assistance for the rest of their life.

Worst of all, Gates could potentially control how long you live. In the near future, human development can potentially be dictated by corporate America, through the Bill & Malinda [sic] Gates Foundation and their $8.3 U.C. Davis grant.

Are these genetically engineering people? And with what authority?

With unlabeled GMOs, how would anyone defend themselves against their immune system being permanently deregulated by genetically engineered milk?

What safe milk would be left if the FDA manages to ban raw milk, or should one say, non-industrial milk not contaminated by pesticides, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, and the Crohn’s bacterium?

If GE-milk was approved, there could be constant changes to the milk, subjecting people to whatever genetically engineered unknowns Gates may wish to try out on people.

While Gates is looking to genetically engineer milk and perhaps gut bacteria itself, a significant study has just shown that normal bacteria-rich yogurt which supports the person’s own gut bacteria (their immune system) equals or even outdoes AIDS drugs.

Gates’ work would genetically engineer the milk that goes into the yogurt (as well as into cheeses, ice cream, cottage cheese, cream, butter, cream cheese, etc) which might genetically engineer the bacteria that is in the gut (thus genetically engineering the person’s immune system, which is primarily comprised of gut bacteria).

The yogurt study is tremendously good news for Africa and for all AIDS patients, both medically and financially, but the NIH article ends by mentioning Gates:

For such a change in mindset to occur [using an incredibly inexpensive and locally available simple food like yogurt to treat AIDS], and for data to be appropriately obtained to gauge the degree to which probiotic food can provide relief, governments (in developed and developing countries) and organizations such as WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may have to take a lead role.

But the lead Gates is apparently taking is to undermine the yogurt [and potentially the people’s immune systems], rather than just making sure people have healthy food.

Gates’ project might even rescue AIDS drugs by ruining yogurt and people’s chances to simply get well on their own by supporting their immune system. Gates is likely aware that this is revolution that is occurring in health – the human body plus real food is curing diseases. Gates’ project would impact both the body’s ability to repair itself and a central food it uses to do so….”



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4 responses to “GMO milk to make “designer humans”?

  1. AJ

    GMO milk is not the future that I would want to be a part of. This world we live in is getting less and less appealing to me. I am sick of all these people dictating to us what is good when it is actually very evil.

    If I were to have my fantasy come true, they would all be rounded up and sent off to Mars.

  2. John

    In my mind, the person who wrote this completely missed the point. In many ways, the intent of the grant to UC Davis appears to somewhat mirror the belief-system that prevails in the raw milk movement.
    So Microsoft made the man wealthy, at least he is trying to return some of his wealth to the less fortunate; and IMHO does not deserve such misrepresentation.

  3. AJ

    Microsoft did not make Gates weathy! He is wealthy because of his connection to the elites of this world. He attends their meetings. He is genetically engineering mosquitos to deliver vaccines with the intent to kill populations. The polio vaccine that his organization has been delivering at gunpoint into African and East Indian children is paralizing and killing them enmass. He is now expanding his capabilities into developing a balloon to be placed in the upper atmosphere. Why? He believes that chemtrails do not do a good enough job at delivering chemicals, biogerms, etc…..

    He is quoted from multiple sources as wanting to reduce world population. He is quoted recommending the killing of the old, and the disabled so as to hire more teachers.

    He is a well known EUGENICIST – please do some research before you believe Mr Bill Gates to be doing any good for mankind.

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