Ontario farmers visited by milk police

From GMOFREEZONE on Youtube:

Steve and Marylou are Ontario Farmers and members of the CowShare Canada Program..and are supported by their CowShare members, Michael Schmidt and Bill Squire, spokesman for the Chiefs of the Mohawk Nation in attendance. Alliances between farmers groups and concerned citizen’s groups are growing out of the need for all people to stand together for our collective ‘RIGHT TO CHOOSE’ food and other natural traditions.


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2 responses to “Ontario farmers visited by milk police

  1. I think everyone is becoming aware that this happening on an international scale. The destruction of the ability of people to farm is what United Nations agenda 21 is all about. This is something you need to educate yourself on if you want to fight back effectively:

    Behind the Green Mask, Rosa Koire

  2. miro

    I have spent long, too many, hours struggling with something about this situation. There is something hidden for me in this expereince. Please excuse me if my process has become itself an issue. I have watched the video many times, I attended the event, I have expressed concerns about the ethics and strategy of posting it, defended those that have been wronged in posting it, read the Health and Promotion Act (found to agree with the original strategy of the meeting), consulted with many of the Cow share owners of the farm, and still there seems to be more coming forward.

    The Health and Promotion Act, is NOT about the “certified milk” ( as called in the turn of the century in the US) that follows specific standards and protocols. It is indeed “something different”. Something Different. An accredited Cow Share Operation could indeed be, something different. The most important thing to make it so, is the establishment of legitimate quality assurance accreditation process. Cow Share Canada is actively developing this, as far as I know. For the sake of our farmer, and the other farmers of CSC I beg its active membership to concentrate their efforts on the development of that part of the organization. Gather your forces, get the scientists to sit as advisors and gather a wide spectrum of executives to stir the organization. Please just do it in a way that it may be clearly recognized, for it needs to be.

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