CFIA came to Montana Jones’ farm…

They came, they saw the lambs, but they did not kill them… at least not yet. Will they be back? Montana posted the following pictures and commentary on her Facebook page yesterday:

CFIA Doug McLeod and Duane Boyd telling Montana they’ve arrived to kill the 4 lambs. — with Montana Jones at Wholearth Farmstudio.

Two of the OPP waiting and watching CFIA’s next moves on Wholearth Farmstudio.

The big livestock trailer arrives to take away four wee lambs to kill them.

Checking tag numbers looking for the four to kill — at Wholearth Farmstudio.

“Officials” — at Wholearth Farmstudio.

The lambs are safe..for now. — with Montana Jones at Wholearth Farmstudio.






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3 responses to “CFIA came to Montana Jones’ farm…

  1. Callaghan Grant

    The soldiers in Nazi Germany said “I was just following orders — just doing my job.” This citizen is having her property illegally seized without due process and without compensation because CFIA is in the pocket of BIG agra and Monsanto et al. I wish we had better pictures of these goons — for the “crimes against genetic diversity trials” that will eventually come.

  2. Gary

    Thanks for your courage to live with integrity. Courage is the ability to do the right thing in the face of fear. You rock Montana Jones! I look forward to meeting ewe all at LifeStock:{)

  3. nedlud

    Great comment by Callaghan Grant.

    Everyone is more-or-less controlled today by the money system that is in place. You have a job, you get a salary, you don’t do your job properly, you’re fired. Everyone submits, in this manner, to authority, meaning those who control the money supply. Local commerce and trade (and independence and freedom), is dead. It will remain dead until enough people FIGHT BACK.

    That fighting back will be difficult and deadly too.

    We are in as a bad a shape, as the Native American Indian tribes were, after Big Horn. Everyone knows what happened to them, I assume.

    This (link) is the news:

    So, good luck folks.

    Thank you.


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