Seed Saving vs Seed Slavery

Via Ultraculture blog:

“Physicist and Activist Dr. Vandana Shiva Calls for Seed Freedom

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist and environmental activist who has been incredibly outspoken against Monsanto and its efforts to patent seeds and create “killer seeds” which destroy competing strains that it has no control over, thereby creating a monopoly on what can be grown on Earth. In the above video, she makes the chilling point that these policies are not merely enslaving humans, as was previously fashionable, but all life on Earth.

Dr. Shiva writes:

Corporations defined a problem – and for them the problem was farmers saving seed. They offered a solution, and the solution was the introduction of patents and intellectual property rights on seed, making it illegal for farmers to save their seed. Seed as a common good became a commodity of private seed companies, traded on the open market…

The disappearance of our biodiversity and of our seed sovereignty is creating a major crisis for agriculture and food security around the world. We must act before it is too late.

Seeds are the first link in the food chain and the repository of life’s future evolution. As such, it is our inherent duty and responsibility to protect them and to pass them on to future generations. The growing of seed and the free exchange of seed among farmers has been the basis to maintaining biodiversity and our food security.

Vandana Shiva is calling for two weeks of action for seed freedom, from Gandhi’s birthday (October 2) to World Food Day (October 16). Please see her site for several ways to get involved in the effort….”

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One response to “Seed Saving vs Seed Slavery

  1. I think we all know that Mon-Satan is evil. I think most of us understand it’s agenda, and the extreme danger of the GMO’s that it has let loose into the environment.

    The question I ask is how has this transpired, and what to do about it? For one, we do not have a working legal system, if we did, Mon-satan should be broke, and a lot of their corporate officers in jail.

    The other part of the equation is the unconstitutional USDA and FDA. Both bought and paid for by various special interests including Mon-Satan. It is clear to me that without an all powerful government agency to bribe that much of what is occurring would not be happening.

    A simple example is the fact that food companies are afraid to label their products as “GMO free” because of threats from certain government terrorist organizations – the FDA/USDA.

    A huge step in solving this problem would be to abolish the FDA/USDA and let free market organizations take their place. Private, free market companies are harder to buy off, because once one is caught in the midst of corruption (like the FDA/USDA has been multiple times) the consumer merely has to choose a competing accreditation organization, none, or even to start his own. Presently no matter how corrupt we know the FDA/USDA is, we have no choices other than to complain.

    It’s funny how a supposedly free people almost always choose the chains that bind them.

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