CFIA: 4, Shropshire lambs: 0

This just in from Montana Jones:

CFIA agents came to Montana Jones farm Saturday to take four lambs to be killed.

The CFIA’s seemingly on again, off again plan to kill lambs from Montana Jones’ farm was on again Saturday, as agents came to the farm and reportedly took  four lambs away, presumably to be killed and tested. The video below documents an exchange between Montana Jones and the CFIA last Thursday. We’re expecting another video to be released tomorrow.


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8 responses to “CFIA: 4, Shropshire lambs: 0

  1. Durable

    This is a shove. They want an active hot resistance.

  2. Callaghan Grant

    Down, down, down with the CFIA! They are thieves, stealing not only from these shepherds but from the entire country inasmuch as they are destroying the genetic diversity that belongs to all Canadian citizens.

  3. winifred

    This is criminal. It is terrible.
    See you Sunday… husband and I are coming out in support.
    -Shirley Ann

  4. AJ

    I just learned recently that in order to be employed by the police force you must NOW have an IQ lower than100. Unquestioning robots, void of commonsense, are all that is required to steamroll away our rights and to carry out tyrannical actions against a nation’s citizens.

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