Comment on the Montana Jones case

From Zeb Landon:

David Eagelson, chief investigator in the Shropshire case. Photo Michael Schmdt. See Michael’s story “Silence of the Lambs” (post below this one) describing David’s role in the ongoing investigation.

The disease that CFIA suspects Montana Jones’ sheep of carrying poses no threat to humans. Agriculture Canada is merely anxious to protect Canada’s export market for sheep, we are led to suppose. And the CFIA presumes the right to interfere in a farm, either because they genuinely believe there is a risk, or, which seems no less likely, simply because they feel bound to maintain a public image of absolute safety.

So it seems the government’s calculation boils down to its presumed right to snuff out Montana Jones’ years of work to maintain a flock of the rare Shropshire breed, since her enterprise apparently counts for very little in their eyes — as against the much “larger” collective commercial interests of other sheep owners in Canada, whose prosperity is impacted by the sheep export market, and that could be threatened by the presence of Scrapies disease in Canadian sheep. But I don’t understand why quarantine would not meet the government’s objective to protect their export ‘image’.

Whether Montana could still maintain an income while keeping this rare stock in quarantine may be a practical consideration. I suppose her flock could both grow in numbers with a few sheep periodically being sold for meat, providing income while still respecting a quarantine. But taking away the very gene pool she values undermines her whole motivation for her enterprise.

I will be interested to see what a court will eventually rule — since it appears clear that Montana’s rights were unnecessarily and excessively ‘stepped on’ (and with a boot!), given the normal adequacy of a quarantine.

Excessive force = violence. That ‘unnecessary use of force constitutes violence’ I think was Pierre Trudeau’s thesis.

Besides their rough trampling on rights, the CFIA, whom one assumes are scientifically trained, ought to appreciate as irreplaceable the gene pool which they are wiping out. That seems quite inexcusable in scientists. Agriculture Canada could also research more what causes Scrapies, rather than obsess on the notion of “communicable” disease.

I do hope the CFIA and/or the Minister of Agriculture can come to a solution to restore justice to the farm.

Zeb has been a longtime reader of The Bovine. He originally posted this as a comment on an earlier story.

The LifeStock event fundraiser at Montana Jones’ farm is taking place today, starting at 10:30 am and probably running all day and into the night.


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3 responses to “Comment on the Montana Jones case

  1. Being a reader of the Bovine and many other sites that are promoting human values, fair play, anti government bullying, removal of human rights, etc. I have taken the action of doing something to correct these and many more issues. It has been realized by myself and many Canadians that the main stream political system (parties) have a strong vested interest in status quo. This is not acceptable and I have formed the CACL Canadian Anti Corruption League. This organization now has a growing web presence and professional but volunteer group promoting the concept of government free of corruption.
    Is this possible? No it is not if I have to work alone. Yes it is more than possible if you concerned Canadians with a conscience get involved in some positive manner. Two things form the basis of our program in anti corruption.
    (1) A whistle blower program that protects the legitimate whistle blower 100%
    (2) New lobbying rules that mandate all lobbying be done in front of a committee of knowledgeable persons both professional and ordinary citizens with a knowledge of the topic.
    You cannot be corrupt by your self you always have a partner of some sort and this is a weak link be it an accomplice or just a civil servant that sees the corruption and reports it to the committee.
    The CACL has a fairly comprehensive program to make Canada better but the list is open for discussion and new ideas from all aspects. CACL is fully aware of serious issues such as poisoning Canadians with MSG, Aspertaine, Fluoride, Toxic Vaccines, Pharmacuticles that do more damage than good and a food supply that is not doing us justice. The raw milk program to Montana Jones tragic ordeal all must be addressed and a high degree of common sense and justice must prevail. We will not nor can we ever expect the main line political parties to five a dead rat for these causes for one basic reason.. They are under extreme influence by big and corrupt industry.
    You have to ask yourself is this the Canada I want my family to live in, where they fire the scientist that whistle blew on the dangers of bovine growth hormone knowing full well that their jobs were in jeopardy. I say no no no.. Protect the whistle blowers. We need some good watchdogs, ordinary hard working Canadians taking care of each other.
    All I ask as a fellow Canadian is to have you take a look at and make some positive comments.

  2. AJ

    “….simply because they feel bound to maintain a public image of absolute safety.”
    Well said Michael.

    To me it is obvious that their abrasive/damaging efforts to maintain a public image of absolute safety, is Bogus. More like the steps towards implementing an agenda. All accomplished by the brainwashed just earning their salary.

    WW2 Germany…..

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