Global warming = food shortages?

We all know global warming is not caused by humans, but that’s not to say the U.S. drought and resultant food shortages won’t be causing disruptions, upheavals and social unrest:

from Kai Nagata’s “Deep Rogue Ram”.


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One response to “Global warming = food shortages?

  1. It may sound crazy if you have not kept abreast with developments in weather modification, but there is a great deal of evidence that this drought was orchestrated using at least chem-trail Geo-engineering technology.

    I think the response to the corn shortage is most telling about the governments agenda, and priorities.

    They are still going to go ahead, and use 40% of the corn crop to make $25 a gallon tax payer subsidized ethanol. That is going to create a huge food shortage. By their actions it seems certain that this is what they want to happen.

    Knowing this is it so far reaching that they would have created this drought if they could have?

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