LifeStock event at Montana Jones’ farm

Raw milk champion Michael Schmidt, speaking at LifeStock last Sunday.

The threat of rain didn’t deter some 274 people (official count) from making the trek out to Montana Jones’ farm near Hastings (north of Cobourg) for a day of music and a rally of support for Montana Jones in her ongoing battle with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency who have been taking and killing her rare Shropshire sheep, ostensibly out of concern that they may be susceptible to scrapie, a rare disease said to have economic implications for Canada’s sheep industry.

The Metis Quartet, one of several bands who played at LifeStock on Sunday.

Proceedings got underway about 10:30 in the morning and by 4:30 in the afternoon there were still plenty of people lounging on the hillside, munching delicious edibles, playing with the hula hoops and dancing to the music from several bands. The music was interspersed with speeches from folks like London-based health expert Pam Killeen, and raw milk champion Michael Schmidt, to mention but two.

Montana Jones, with supporters, at Sunday’s LifeStock event.

Montana Jones (left) with supporters, listening to Michael Schmidt’s speech Sunday at LifeStock.



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2 responses to “LifeStock event at Montana Jones’ farm

  1. You are a wonderful bunch of people. You are the light of the future in darkness of the controllers. It is hard to believe they can follow such a path to the destruction of our dear earth.

  2. My friend Stacey was thrilled to meet Michael in person. I think she is one of his best supporters! Good work, even better integrity from all!

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