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Raw milk symposium postponed until April 2013; Kimberly Hartke to speak in Vancouver on October 18th, 2012

Kimberly Hartke will be speaking in Vancouver on Fermenting Foods and Culturing Dairy on Thursday, October 18. The event is open to the public. 

Click image to see poster in a larger size.

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BREAKING NEWS: Fair and balanced academic assessment of raw milk

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“One of the most incisive scientific assessments on all that European research on raw milk of the last few years has just appeared, of all places, on a web site backed by the conventional dairy industry and academe.

In a footnoted article by an experienced  science  writer, a newsletter put out by the International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC) has concluded that the European research on  raw milk in recent years did, indeed, come up  with significant findings strongly suggesting health benefits for children from raw milk. The IMGC is a joint operation between the California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF), which is  a non-profit backed by California’s conventional dairies  and  processors, and  the University  of California Davis (UCD), which includes among its faculty and staff long-time opponents of raw milk.  Continue reading


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How e.coli bacteria beat the system at Alberta’s XL Foods meat packing plant

From Josh Wingrove and Dawn Walton, in the Globe and Mail:

XL Foods plant in Brooks, Alberta. Photo via Calgary Sun. Click image to go there.

“At each stage, the E. coli sneaked through. It came in with the feces caked on the hide of at least one cow, a so-called “super-shedder” of bacteria, and persevered. The E. coli wasn’t caught on the kill floor, survived cleaning and clung on during dehiding, in which a cow’s skin is peeled away.

It reached the cutting table – a bacteria watershed, where the cow is cut into different types of beef, including “trim,” the odds and ends that become hamburger. The E. coli went undetected in the 325 grams of beef trim tested from this particular 2,000-pound batch, so it moved through. When alarms sounded, it was in stores. Continue reading


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Dairy Linked to 3 Deaths, Miscarriage, and that’s from PASTEURIZED dairy!

Illustrating once again that pasteurization is not the panacea it’s sometimes cracked up to be — From AP via Cheeseslave blog:

“BOSTON (AP) — At Whittier Farms dairy, the fifth-generation owners brag of the quality of their Holstein cows and still deliver milk right to your door, in glass bottles. Customers like the products because they are a hormone-free taste of old New England.

But health officials now say three elderly men have died and at least one pregnant woman has miscarried since last June after drinking bacteria-contaminated milk from the dairy’s plant in Shrewsbury, about 35 miles west of Boston. Continue reading

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