BREAKING NEWS: Fair and balanced academic assessment of raw milk

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“One of the most incisive scientific assessments on all that European research on raw milk of the last few years has just appeared, of all places, on a web site backed by the conventional dairy industry and academe.

In a footnoted article by an experienced  science  writer, a newsletter put out by the International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC) has concluded that the European research on  raw milk in recent years did, indeed, come up  with significant findings strongly suggesting health benefits for children from raw milk. The IMGC is a joint operation between the California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF), which is  a non-profit backed by California’s conventional dairies  and  processors, and  the University  of California Davis (UCD), which includes among its faculty and staff long-time opponents of raw milk. 

The IMGC’s  article points out the well-known risks associated with raw milk, but comes to two basic conclusions apart from the risks:

1. Raw milk is likely nutritionally superior to conventional milk. “The data suggest that raw milk can cause both trouble and advantage to a human body…To be sure, heating milk to 72°C for 15 seconds reduces the odds of a bad belly, but does it also destroy complex proteins and other components that could bolster human health? Apparently so.”

2. More  study of raw milk’s benefits is essential. The article  concludes that  “there is strong evidence that (raw milk) benefits young children, but almost no information of substance about adults. To answer the question fully, the world needs studies testing whether large numbers of grown-ups suffering from asthma, hay fever, and similar medical problems see their allergies dampen down after drinking raw milk for a prolonged period. Until that day, the question is still open.”

The article’s  author, Anna Petherick, is an editor with Nature, one of  the  foremost scientific journals in  the  world. Her assessment  in  the Consortium newsletter makes a serious effort at being well balanced, and I strongly suggest readers here study it….”

Read more on The Complete Patient blog.



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2 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Fair and balanced academic assessment of raw milk

  1. nedlud

    I just wanna say this one thing: We have this old guy, a kind of eccentric, who comes to buy our raw milk. He is not a ‘super clean and everything sanitary’ sort of fellow. Perhaps this makes him a criminal? Anyway, he says when the raw milk he gets from us, ‘spoils’, it is still drinkable and he likes it. However, when the pasteurized store milk he also sometimes buys, ‘spoils’, it is terrible and he throws it out. Doesn’t even try to feed it to his cats…..

    More research needed!

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