Dairy Linked to 3 Deaths, Miscarriage, and that’s from PASTEURIZED dairy!

Illustrating once again that pasteurization is not the panacea it’s sometimes cracked up to be — From AP via Cheeseslave blog:

“BOSTON (AP) — At Whittier Farms dairy, the fifth-generation owners brag of the quality of their Holstein cows and still deliver milk right to your door, in glass bottles. Customers like the products because they are a hormone-free taste of old New England.

But health officials now say three elderly men have died and at least one pregnant woman has miscarried since last June after drinking bacteria-contaminated milk from the dairy’s plant in Shrewsbury, about 35 miles west of Boston.

All were infected with listeria, which is extremely rare in pasteurized milk. It is more often found in raw foods, such as uncooked meat and vegetables, and processed foods such as soft cheeses and cold cuts….”

Read more on Cheeseslave, including a list of sicknesses blamed on pasteurized dairy.

And furthermore, from Thomas Turk, in The Nation:

“….It is well documented what pasteurisation does. It destroys 90 per cent of the phosphotase enzyme needed for calcium absorption. It kills the “friendly” bacteria, needed for vitamin B6 synthesis in the gut, and for immunity. (Vitamin B6 reduces blood homocysteine, which is one of the major causes of arterial calcification i.e., heart attack and stroke). It does not kill the dangerous bacteria, the salmonella, listeria nor e-coli, (that requires boiling). Heat-sensitive immune-boosting whey proteins, lactalbumins, are damaged. (These then lose much of their important benefits, which are a rich source of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids, that aid protein synthesis and maintenance of muscle tissues, especially important in the elderly; play important roles in weight loss and maintenance of cardiovascular health, and improve memory).

The result? A newborn calf, fed only on pasteurised milk dies in six weeks! Zoos source raw milk for their young animals, and we know that humans who consume pasteurised milk, even with added vitamin D, still suffer from bone loss, osteoporosis.

Pasteurisation turns a superfood into almost a non-food. Many believe that milk pasteurisation is just an excuse for dirty dairies, as in science, it has nothing to do with one’s health.”

Read more in The Nation.

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One response to “Dairy Linked to 3 Deaths, Miscarriage, and that’s from PASTEURIZED dairy!

  1. If we ever want food freedom, and the option to choose an accountable food evaluation service, we first need to get rid of the unconstitutional FDA and USDA, and allow free market replacements to grow up in their place.

    In the free market in acts of total negligence, the accreditation service could be sued, or you could choose another. With monopoly accreditation such as the USDA one can neither sue nor can you walk away and choose another service provider. This would tend to support responsible agencies unlike the USDA that is bought an paid for by special interests.

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