Feed shortage for feedlot cattle? Let them eat cookies and gummy worms.

From Raine Saunders, on Agriculture Society:

“…According to the report, beef scientist Tim DelCurto from Oregon State University has alternatives for ranchers and feedlot owners that provide lower cost feed now that corn and soy prices are skyrocketing. These include:

“Grass seed straw, distillers grains leftover from ethanol production, cannery waste and potato processing byproducts such as misshapen green beans, carrots and even French fries.”

DelCurto believes that ruminants can easily adapt to other feed and it doesn’t affect their health. He said, “I think one of the unique attributes of beef cattle, and sheep fit this too, unique attributes of ruminant animals is that they can digest virtually anything.”

This month, DelCurto will speak at several University of Idaho Extension classes where he will be sharing these “cost saving tips” with cattle ranchers.

It is this way of thinking which has ushered in the predominance of antibiotic and hormone use in commercial cattle farming today, which has greatly contributed to inflammatory disease in both cattle and humans, including digestive, endocrine, and auto-immune disorders, antibiotic resistance, and super bug bacteria which cannot be managed by normal medical care. It is beyond shameful that we are allowing our universities to be used to support big agriculture’s agendas, which for decades have had negative consequences for our food system, health, and environment.

Other news reports have been flooding the wires over the couple of weeks about the use of even more unsavory substances for feeding cattle as a way to counter the effects of rising feed costs:

“cookies, gummy worms, marshmallows, fruit loops, orange peels, even dried cranberries”

are being used as alternatives to the starchy corn, soy, and grain feeds used by conventional farming facilities to put weight on cattle. All of these alternatives to soy, corn, and grain are highly processed and many are by-products of the commercial farming, food, and chemical industries…and many of these contain GMOs as well. Really? Cookies and gummy worms?

It should go without saying, but these “experts” and “scientists” have it all wrong.  It’s absolutely unthinkable that anyone calling themselves a caretaker of the environment or steward of the land would even suggest the preposterous notion of feeding cattle these kinds of substances is acceptable. Does it really seem reasonable that animals being slaughtered for meat should be fed these substances? And if they are allowed to consume them, what affect might that have on their health, and our health when we eat the meat from these animals?  Our ancestors would have never agreed to this practice….”

Read more on Agriculture Society.



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4 responses to “Feed shortage for feedlot cattle? Let them eat cookies and gummy worms.

  1. nedlud

    We have this kid near here, he’s about 20 now and he’s trying to make it milking cows. He’s up to about sixty (milking cows and all the expense and debt that goes with it) and he’s ‘doing everything right’, in other words he’s listening to the experts and working himself to death. He’s buying beet pulp now, trying to get his feed costs down. Even he says, ‘How can I make it competing against BIG WEALTHY OWNERS using dairy for their tax write-offs? He is young, as I said, and already in pain, knowing the truth. But what do you do? You’re young and you want to live.

    Our son, who is 22, goes over and helps him in the evenings when he is done with his work on a rich guy’s cattle operation. Our son is paid fairly (kinda, sorta) well and thus is struggling and holding onto to a dream to save money to buy his own farm, as would any sane person.

    Our other two children ‘chose’ not to farm. Still, both of them long for a place to live and to ‘grow things’ in the country. Will they ever get it?

    I spent my whole life trying not to let this happen. I have fought corporatism, in all its forms, tooth and nail.

    I hate this planet.


    • nedlud

      p.s. This kid does not have a farm yet, he is merely renting a place (dairy set-up) that went ‘out of business’ some years ago. I estimate the kid works about 120 hours a week and makes negative income. But by god, he’s listening to the experts!

    • AJ

      Thank you Nedlud. I fully agree.

      So many people in my generation have absolutely no hope of freedom from the oppression of those whom control society. It is insane that an average home here should start at $250,000 – great grandchildren will not have that glorified rent/morgage paid off. Are these homes made of stone or brick – NO- polymer siding – PLASTIC!!!
      To own your own land is just as impossible. There is this bylaw and this tax to tack onto everything thinkable. The purchase cost and opperation cost are so high that it is geared to make it next to impossible to earn a living above the poverty line.

      It is a crime…it is a shame….it is immoral…it angers me…it is a battle…

      The Truth!!
      What is absolutely crazy is that we slaughtered the leader of Libya and his people under the guise that he was oppressive. The truth is Gadaffi gave land to those whom wanted to farm, gave them the livestock and the seed, gave them $50,000 to start up, and they paid no income tax. He also believed that it was a human right for no one to be homeless – so every married couple was given $50,000 towards the purchase of a home as a gift. Gasoline was paid for in cents per gallon, and the people received a check from the county’s revenue each month.

      Who are the criminals? Not whom we think they are…..

  2. Carol

    Cattle eating gummy worms,cookies ,bread,culled potatoes etc. is far from knew, it has been happening for years folks. In many cases they get the plastic wrappers and all. I hope DeCurto does not think he has invented something new!!
    That folks is why I know where my food comes from and what it has been fed because I like my meat and then my cookies!!!

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