Another court hearing for Alvin Schlangen in November

From David Unze at the SC Times:

A Nov. 2 court hearing has been scheduled in Stearns County District Court for a Freeport farmer who faces charges that allege, among other things, that he sold raw milk.

Alvin Schlangen was found not guilty last month by a Hennepin County jury of selling raw milk, operating without a food handler’s license and handling adulterated food.

In Stearns County, Schlangen faces those three charges and three other misdemeanors that accuse him of failing to maintain proper temperatures for eggs he was selling, selling meat that he shouldn’t have and removing or disposing of food that had been embargoed for disposal by food safety inspectors….”



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2 responses to “Another court hearing for Alvin Schlangen in November

  1. Carol

    It just never stops does it!! I was raised with eggs never being washed or refrigerated and to this day they are not washed or refrigerated 99% of the time. I am not saying leave them on the counter for a month but a week is fine under normal conditions. When eggs are washed they are then open to contamination. What do the authorities think people did years ago???They were in the kitchen and the extras were in the root cellar. We did not run around with a thermometer to check the temperature of eggs, milk etc If the milk soured we made recipes that called for sour milk etc!!
    It would seem to me that the more government gets involved instead of common sense the more contamination. The move to large Agra is in my opinion a disaster.However, many of you continue to request government intervention in our lives then cry foul. You can not have it both ways !!!Please, please can we return to common sense!!

  2. D. Smith

    Shouldn’t that read “unadulterated food”?? Raw milk is about as unadulterated as it gets, right? So are eggs and grassfed, raw meat. So who’s got the wrong term?

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