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“Rick’s Rant” on the XL Foods fiasco

In the tradition of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, it’s comics who are allowed to speak the truth. From Rick Mercer, CBC on-air commentator and all-purpose funny man: 

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How the jury made their decision in the Alvin Schlangen raw milk case in MN

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“What were the key factors that swayed the Minnesota jury to acquit food club operator and farmer Alvin Schlangen three weeks ago?

Schlangen’s lawyer, Nathan Hansen, told me he thought the fact that Minnesota Department of Agriculture investigators in their courtroom testimony were inconsistent in defining “occasional” raw milk sales may have swayed the situation. One investigator said three or more purchases during any month and another said six purchases a month exceeded the bounds of “occasional”.

The  MDA in its defiant statement issued immediately after  the acquittals were announced September 20 suggested that the jurors agonized and could have gone either way except for some unknown arbitrary issue or another–” the fact that the jurors deliberated for as long as they did shows that they found the decision a difficult one to make.” Continue reading


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