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Raw milk farmer Michael Hartmann does plea bargain deal with MDA to save his family from prosecution

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

“In the end, Michael Hartmann made the best deal he could–if he was going to save his family–when he pleaded guilty Monday to two misdemeanors in connection with sales of raw milk  and other foods, and agreed to pay a fine of $585. Seven other misdemeanor charges were dismissed in the process.

According to news accounts, he was placed under non-supervised parole for six months and  ordered to comply with all state labeling and licensing  regulations.

In the end,  also, Hartmann  went alone to his fate. He didn’t want supporters present, and he has many.  Perhaps he went alone because this particular court  case had  become  a private matter between himself and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. There was no glory in copping a plea, so why have supporters waste their  time and energy coming, he may have  reasoned. (He hasn’t been talking to the media, nor has he wanted media attention when I’ve spoken with him over the last year.)    Continue reading


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NY Times admits Stanford organic study was flawed and misleading

From Lisa Garber at Natural Society.com:

Image via Natural Society.com

“We broke the story of Stanford’s ridiculous organic food study the very night of its publication. Now, a month later, the media is catching on to the study’s flaws; New York Times Opinion columnist Mark Bittman apologized for hoping—in vain—that the study would have little impact on the media.

“That was dumb of me,” he says, “and I’m sorry.”

Narrow Definitions and Egregious Oversights

The study suggests that organic animal and plant products are no healthier than conventionally grown varieties. Bittman puts it beautifully: “By providing ‘useful’ and ‘counterintuitive’ information about organic food, [the study authors] played right into the hands of the news hungry while conveniently obscuring important features of organic agriculture.” Continue reading

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Kimberly Hartke talks about raw milk tomorrow Oct. 20th in Vancouver BC


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Lifestock speakers spell it out for us

From the speeches at Montana Jones’ Lifestock. Thanks to Andrew Kohl:

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