Raw milk farmer Michael Hartmann does plea bargain deal with MDA to save his family from prosecution

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

“In the end, Michael Hartmann made the best deal he could–if he was going to save his family–when he pleaded guilty Monday to two misdemeanors in connection with sales of raw milk  and other foods, and agreed to pay a fine of $585. Seven other misdemeanor charges were dismissed in the process.

According to news accounts, he was placed under non-supervised parole for six months and  ordered to comply with all state labeling and licensing  regulations.

In the end,  also, Hartmann  went alone to his fate. He didn’t want supporters present, and he has many.  Perhaps he went alone because this particular court  case had  become  a private matter between himself and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. There was no glory in copping a plea, so why have supporters waste their  time and energy coming, he may have  reasoned. (He hasn’t been talking to the media, nor has he wanted media attention when I’ve spoken with him over the last year.)   

So why make a deal with the enforcers he has challenged for years? There obviously was no fear on his part in dealing with the brutes at the MDA. The fear was for his family. You see, the MDA had gotten the local prosecutor to file similar misdemeanor charges against his wife, Diane, and his brother, Roger, and an associate–essentially taken them legally hostage. And no way was Michael Hartmann going to let them be exposed to the ongoing pressures of a trial and possible jail time so the MDA thugs could say they got someone in the Hartmann family.

So the deal was basically a way to protect his family from the MDA’s ravages, according to associates, something he has been intent on doing since the matter first came up earlier this year. Being  the man he is, he decided to sacrifice himself on behalf  of  his  family–the deal also provided for dropping all the charges against his family members….”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.



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2 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Hartmann does plea bargain deal with MDA to save his family from prosecution

  1. miro

    and how does this affect case law?

  2. nedlud

    Good morning all~

    I am glad at least, that these various ‘food sovereignty’ and ‘alternative health’ sites are NOW beginning to UNDERSTAND what ACTUAL ENORMOUS, PERNICIOUS EVIL lurks in the vile machinations of the STATE (our present form of government).

    I was singularly unimpressed with The Complete Patient blog several years ago, when all it seemed to do was drone on and on (and on) in deference to ‘consumer concerns’ about product safety and the latest scientific study and sanitation priorities. The commenters were of ‘like’ mind. It was disgusting….

    Similar sheepshit activity was noted by me on this blog, though I’ve always liked the Bovine…seriously. 🙂

    While the house is burning, let us wash the dishes thoroughly, hang up the dish towels in their racks and spray Lysol all about.

    Are we done now with that pretentiousness and smug-minded sophistry?



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