Food insecurity the new normal?

From John Vidal in The Guardian:

“….According to Brown, we are seeing the start of a food supply breakdown with a dash by speculators to “grab” millions of square miles of cheap farmland, the doubling of international food prices in a decade, and the dramatic rundown of countries’ food reserves.

This year, for the sixth time in 11 years, the world will consume more food than it produces, largely because of extreme weather in the US and other major food-exporting countries. Oxfam last week said that the price of key staples, including wheat and rice, may double in the next 20 years, threatening disastrous consequences for poor people who spend a large proportion of their income on food.

In 2012, according to the FAO, food prices are already at close to record levels, having risen 1.4% in September following an increase of 6% in July.

“We are entering a new era of rising food prices and spreading hunger. Food supplies are tightening everywhere and land is becoming the most sought-after commodity as the world shifts from an age of food abundance to one of scarcity,” says Brown. “The geopolitics of food is fast overshadowing the geopolitics of oil.”

His warnings come as the UN and world governments reported that extreme heat and drought in the US and other major food-exporting countries had hit harvests badly and sent prices spiralling.

“The situation we are in is not temporary. These things will happen all the time. Climate is in a state of flux and there is no normal any more.

“We are beginning a new chapter. We will see food unrest in many more places.

“Armed aggression is no longer the principal threat to our future. The overriding threats to this century are climate change, population growth, spreading water shortages and rising food prices,” Brown says.”

Read more in The Guardian.


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3 responses to “Food insecurity the new normal?

  1. “The geopolitics of food is fast overshadowing the geopolitics of oil.”

    Perhaps, but it’s actually cause-and-effect: the way we currently do things, oil produces food, and it’s the increasing cost and scarcity of oil that is driving up the price of food.

  2. This is the metanarrative and the mechanism for global population reduction.

  3. Completely and 100% caused by government. First with the creation of the USDA and its “overproduction” hoax started during Lincoln’s presidency. Continued with the destruction of the soil by chemtrails and monoculture, the war on small family farms, the patenting of seeds and proliferation of GMOs via corporatism and the lie of man-made global warming which is the basis for chemtrails. Chemtrails block the sun and rain down chemicals on us, it is the CAUSE of the drought not the cure. We need to get government OUT of farming.

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