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Is the FDA censoring academic speech about raw milk scientific research?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“… So what exactly  happened to the raw milk article? The word I have on pretty good sources (I don’t  want  to identify them because this stuff is so sensitive that jobs and  careers could be placed  at risk) is that someone from the FDA (Sheehan?) contacted the CDRF and demanded that the SPLASH raw milk article be removed. The FDA was reportedly especially upset because the SPLASH article asserted that the European research indicates pasteurization may “destroy complex proteins and other components that could bolster human health.”
Indeed, Sheehan testified on just this subject before the Maine legislature in 2011, in connection with a (successful) effort by the FDA to block legislation that would have made it easier for small dairies to sell raw milk directly to customers.

His testimony made clear that the European research on the role of proteins in conferring health benefits, and  their sensitivity to pasteurization couldn’t have been correct. “Pasteurization does not destroy milk proteins,” he claimed. “Caseins, the major family of milk proteins, are largely unaffected by pasteurization. Any changes which might occur with whey proteins are barely perceptible.” Continue reading

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