What’s behind the FDA’s censorship of raw milk related academic studies?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Why would the U.S. Food and Drug Administration feel so threatened by a scientific assessment of research on raw milk out of Europe that it would bully a dairy group into forcing the article’s removal from a major university’s web site?

After all, the assessment wasn’t revealing anything that lots of people didn’t already know. The most recent of the findings, the GABRIELA study, has been out for more than a year now, postulating that it could well be a protein in milk–damaged or destroyed by pasteurization–that confers protective effects on children from allergies and asthma.  

And interfering with the academic freedom of a major university like the University of California, Davis, is not a trivial matter, even for a bullying organization like the FDA. There had to have been  a number of approvals necessary before the dairy group’s head, John Sheehan, did the dirty deed.

My guess is that the FDA wanted to send a clear message to the dairy industry that any thoughts its members might be having about exploring even the most minimal shift to raw milk won’t be tolerated. Even though dairy processors have been as opposed as  the FDA to  raw milk, the dairy farmers are another matter.

They’ve gone along with what the processors want, since they know well where their milk checks come  from. But as ever more dairies flounder and fail in the face of insufficient pricing, well, more dairies are beginning to think the unthinkable.

The California Dairy Research Foundation foundation says it is  “governed by seven directors. The representatives of the Board of Directors are drawn from key producer and processor organizations…” But if  you  look at the seven board members, five are from dairies….”

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One response to “What’s behind the FDA’s censorship of raw milk related academic studies?

  1. What do you expect? The FDA is just doing it’s main job. The bidding of the big agri that owns them…. the suppression of the truth. That is the one and only purpose.
    If you think that the purpose of any unconstitutional government entity is to protect you… well you are just a fool.

    G. Edward Griffin – The Collectivist Conspiracy

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