Raw milk in the U.K. (United Kingdom)



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7 responses to “Raw milk in the U.K. (United Kingdom)

  1. Joseph Watson one of the few sane non-socialist, freedom loving Brits out there. Keep up the good work Joseph. Give your terrorist government heck.

  2. winifred

    this guy is good! Well said.

  3. John

    I find it rather sad that, to promote raw milk, individuals like Mr Watson feel the need to so grossly misrepresent milk intended for pasteurization. So, I feel the need to challenge some of his assertions:
    1) Conventional dairy farmers may use antibiotics, but NONE is allowed in milk for human consumption. None.
    2) Conventional dairy farmers may use hormones that are the same as the cow’s own hormones, but these do not alter the levels of these hormones in milk (they occasionally use small doses of hormones are that are cleared from the circulation (and therefore, milk) usually within around 2 hours of treatment. Recombinant bovine somatotrophin (rBST) WAS used extensively in the USA, but now is hardly used at all. It was and is not permitted in either the UK or Canada.
    3) Somatic cells (‘pus’) are found in all raw milk. Conventional dairy farmers try their best to minimize these, most raw milk providers apparently seldom measure them (but that doesn’t mean they are absent!).
    4) I believe everyone tries very hard to avoid fecal contamination of milk, but noone is perfect (not even some raw milk providers, as evidenced by E coli contamination/illness traced to raw milk in the USA in recent years).

    So if you drink ANY milk, there should be no antibiotics. In ANY milk there will be hormones, but these almost certainly come from the cow. In ANY milk there will be somatic cells. In ANY milk there might be minimal fecal contamination (hopefully not very often).

    Milk is usually pasteurized because ‘noone is perfect’, not because everyone is delinquent.

    PS One of the reasons milk was pasteurized was because of tuberculosis (TB). Many areas of the UK are struggling to control bovine TB again, despite having almost eradicated this disease. Something extra for the raw milk drinkers of that country to ponder as they consider the risk/benefit of their choice.

  4. John are you certain that added hormones are the same as the cows hormones? That does not make sense because then then big pharma can not patent them.

    I find it very knee jerk to destroy most of the food value of milk over the chance of getting TB. That sounds a lot like throwing the baby out with the bath water. You can take the risk of drinking pasteurized milk, I certainly will not.

  5. John

    IW. Humans have these same hormones also. Yes, none of them are patented, but only those that are approved by Health Canada are the ones that can be used. The approval process is expensive and time-consuming, thus somewhat limiting competition among Pharmaceutical Companies over the same product, and making patent-protection much less important.

  6. Celia

    The rural farmers need to set up their own co-operative installing vending machines at Garages/car parks to sell raw milk.
    When we were in Italy we bought raw milk from vending machines at any time of the night and it was delicious. It is the companies that Pasteurize the milk that are forcing the costs up sell direct!!

  7. John to put it bluntly, I don’t trust the governmental regulators any further than I can throw them,

    They have done unbelievable things such as approving of GMO and aspartame in the food supply, and are manned by people from the pharmaceutical industry. This is what happens when you have monopolies such as the one we have in food safety inspection.

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